I always love getting a little sneak peek inside the homes of others and I have to say often bloggers have the most inspiring spaces! At the moment I am just dreaming of owning my own home to paint and decorate and play around with but in the meantime I'm having fun bookmarking images for inspiration. These ones are from HERE

Amanda Thomas
Guest Blogger 

Hello everyone! It's Amanda here from Here Comes the Sun, I'll popping in with a few guest posts for Laura this week :) I recently stumbled upon this delightful little etsy shop My Bearded Pigeon and fell in love with their range of organic map cushions. I'm a bit of a fan of anything map related and I can imagine these fitting into my home quite nicely!

Of course I couldn't go past sharing the Sydney pillow with you guys, seeing as that's where Laura lives :) I was actually lucky enough to get to meet up with Laura in Sydney last year when I was there on holiday. She took me to a little cafe called Four Ate Five in Surry Hills and we had a bit of an explore of the stationery and vintage shops in that area. Good memories!

I'll be back in a day or two with another post :) Thanks for having me here!

Amanda Thomas
Guest Blogger

see: levitation photography (mostly self portraits) by natsumi yowayowa from tokyo.

i gasp in awe. *thanks for the link caleb*

on a side note, i would like to thank you all for your kind comments on my previous post, you're all very sweet and encouraging! tonight i'll be flying home plus a couple of other countries in south east asia. finally a real vacation that i've been waiting for! i'll have 3 lovely ladies guest blogging while i'm away, so please do check back see hear say to see what they have in store. and until then, take care and see you later!!
this is a story of my diana mini failure. it's my third film roll and i haven't been so lucky this time. only 7 photos came out of the 36 exposures! and not all 7 of them are decent. *sad panda*

left: test photo at home. right: king st, newtown in the morning.

left: pink wall at newtown. right: dunlop factory.

more dunlop factory. half fail photo.

another at dunlop factory. fail.

still at dunlop factory. a bit rubbish, but ok-ish i think?

but more burnt on this one!! and i don't even remember where the matryoshka doll photo was taken.

the mega fail last photo followed by the long film roll of blankness and emptiness. the end.

do you have any lomo fail (or any other analogue camera) stories?

*updated: don't worry, i'm not giving up yet. on a side note, anna took a picture of me with my diana mini when i made a visit to melbourne, check out her blog much love. thanks for the lovely post anna!

see: daily wear illustrations by eveline tarunadjaja, currently based in melbourne, australia.

loving her girl artworks as much as i'm enjoying this new fun and cheerful style. some kind of wardrobe inspirations too for the winter!

how are you all doing this weekend? stay warm and dry if you're in sydney.

buy: eco concept clothing and accessories at the new australian online shop glitter trees.

the founder of this project is mel peters from geekchic. you might have noticed that i have been featured as one of the project bloggers there last time, which i feel really honoured and grateful for - thanks mel! 

shop and make a difference with glitter trees because every time you spend over $50, they (teamed up with carbon neutral) will plant a tree as a gift back to you and the environment. i like these CYLK collection and the penlids necklaces by chewed by tuesday.

the last series of sydney beaches... i like observing people and places.

those who rest in peace at waverley cemetery

those who enjoy fishing and those who were surfing, bronte beach

the surfer man, bronte beach

another surfer man (and more surfers in the background actually) and the jogger and the sunbather, bronte beach

the swimmers at icebergs swimming pool, bondi beach

people relaxing at bondi beach

the next beach is clovelly beach, which was originally known as little coogee. and then we kept walking towards burrows park where there was a bit of a crowd, people cheering happily at the boys playing rugby. 

melbourne was the star of my photo series for a while and now is sydney's turn. melbourne and sydney are two beautiful cities with completely different features. some of the many reasons why i love sydney are the beautiful beaches and the sun.

it was early days of winter and it was nice and sunny that it felt like summer so we went for a walk strolling the beaches in the eastern suburbs of sydney. our first stop was coogee beach, which was also featured on my second roll of diana mini last time.

more beach photos from the walk on my next posts.

see: photography by ana cabailero from vigo, spain.

from the snow to the desert. from the mountains, to the forest, to the sea. there's something special in the way she captures the world. all the sceneries - don't they make you feel so small and tiny in this world? 

have a nice weekend.

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