sydney beaches #1

melbourne was the star of my photo series for a while and now is sydney's turn. melbourne and sydney are two beautiful cities with completely different features. some of the many reasons why i love sydney are the beautiful beaches and the sun.

it was early days of winter and it was nice and sunny that it felt like summer so we went for a walk strolling the beaches in the eastern suburbs of sydney. our first stop was coogee beach, which was also featured on my second roll of diana mini last time.

more beach photos from the walk on my next posts.


@cara - cara i love your photos too! so soft and soothing, i saw a couple of them featured at floddertje.

@daydream lily - i was wondering that, i'd like to know what camera ana uses too! re kiko mizuhara, i'm quite obsessed as well after i discovered her at norwegian wood hahaha.. i think abbie is not too bad, i saw candy but still need to catch up with somersault.

@sundari - the gyllenhall siblings, or course. i love jake and maggie too, how can i forget about them! that was a good one!!

@meleonieeee - i think so too :)


  1. Oh, beautiful! I've never been to Australia but have heard wonderful things about the beaches there - and they do look wonderful! So much better than our British ones...

    Claire x

  2. these photos make me long for summer, even if winter has been lovely and mild this year :)

  3. Cannot WAIT to go back to Sydney! Never got to explore the suburbs or go visit the beaches, so I am definitely looking forward to it...hopefully in the near future!

  4. oh wow this is my backyard! i really love how you captured it. i'm so in love with these!!! i've taken lots of photos of coogee but yours is so damn special!!!!

  5. Lovely pics, you're a talented beast!

  6. Beautiful shots, you're making me want to run away on holiday! Sally x


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