glitter trees

buy: eco concept clothing and accessories at the new australian online shop glitter trees.

the founder of this project is mel peters from geekchic. you might have noticed that i have been featured as one of the project bloggers there last time, which i feel really honoured and grateful for - thanks mel! 

shop and make a difference with glitter trees because every time you spend over $50, they (teamed up with carbon neutral) will plant a tree as a gift back to you and the environment. i like these CYLK collection and the penlids necklaces by chewed by tuesday.


@ameesha lee - hehehe.. are you from sydney? whereabout is your location right now? it's just so freezing these days though! way too cold!

@chachamisu @gracey @curious constellation - thanks so much!!

@muchlove - thanks :) i've emailed you about the social media buttons!

@kate - ohhh melbourne is also beautiful, in a different way of course :)

@schorlem├Ądchen - hmm room 10, i don't know if i've heard of them before. i'll make sure i'll stop by next time i go around potts point.

@sydney - ahahaha nooo... i wish from helicopter, i've never flown with a heli, maybe one day! 


  1. such great shots... and an even greater mission!

  2. I like the penlid necklaces! Great photoshoot as well.

  3. nice photos! :) did the models just lay on the floor and the photos were rotated?

  4. Surprised you have 2 blog :D
    I love both :D

    Let me know if you want to follo me and i will follow you back :D
    Still Good work...This pics are amazing!

  5. woww i love this editorial shoot, just gorgeous shots and the clothing is stunning! :)
    ps. thanks so much lovely for visiting my blog, now following yours! <3

    <3, Kathleen.

  6. such a great cause equaled by terrific pictures, the angle is sick.

  7. Oh i didnt know about this new project from Mel. Its amazing. I already want to buy a few things... Like the balloon tights and ecohangers. Ahh love it. Ive always thought there needs to be an online shop that is full of a really good selection of enviro designers.
    Id love to add more of this angle to stylemilk too. We are focusing on bringing more handmade to the store.

  8. Ooooohh, I think I'm starting a leather gloves obsession ;-)

  9. Really cool and creative photos!! Lovely! :)


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