sydney beaches #2

the next beach is clovelly beach, which was originally known as little coogee. and then we kept walking towards burrows park where there was a bit of a crowd, people cheering happily at the boys playing rugby. 


@claire marie - thank you, australia is waiting for you :)

@sj - i miss summer too! although i don't really complain because the sun has been nice the last few days eventhough it's so cold in the morning and at night. i'm happy as long as i don't get wet!

@see me everywhere - hope you get to come visit us soon, let me know when you do!

@luisa brimble - oh thanks so much, means a lot to hear nice words from a photographer like you! you're very lucky to live in coogee and have the beach as your backyard!

@claire m. @kate toon - thank you ladies <3


  1. It really looks like summer there. Isn't it normal? How cold is the winter time in Sydney?


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