ana cabailero

see: photography by ana cabailero from vigo, spain.

from the snow to the desert. from the mountains, to the forest, to the sea. there's something special in the way she captures the world. all the sceneries - don't they make you feel so small and tiny in this world? 

have a nice weekend.


@jodeska - oh elle would be perfect for marc jacobs campaign!

@chapoul - first time i saw dakota was on i am sam (it's a great movie, go watch it!) and i think she was amazing. didn't realised then that elle was playing in that movie too as a younger version of the girl. i love somewhere and only then did i find out that she also played a small part in babel and the curious case of benjamin button!

@anonymous - i have to disagree with you there, dakota didn't come across fake at all to me and i think they both are pretty in a slightly different way. but i'm with you on twilight hahaha... i watched the first movie and decided i don't want to watch the other two sequels (nor read the books). sorry guys for the rest of you who are a fan of these movies / books.

@lidiya - bones! that must be where i thought i came across emily deschanel! i don't watch the series but yes... i remember now i recognised her somewhere on tv.


  1. They're beautiful. That last photo is just magical!

  2. she is one of my favourites! so so good!

  3. So amazing! I love the composition. Especially the one of the mountains. Would love to know what cameras she uses!

  4. beautiful photography, the first two pictures are my favorites. great work!

  5. These are absolutely stunning! Magnificent captures, love them!

  6. Incredible pictures. I visited her website and fell in love with her works.

  7. Amazing images. Really good work!

  8. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :))


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