diana mini fail

this is a story of my diana mini failure. it's my third film roll and i haven't been so lucky this time. only 7 photos came out of the 36 exposures! and not all 7 of them are decent. *sad panda*

left: test photo at home. right: king st, newtown in the morning.

left: pink wall at newtown. right: dunlop factory.

more dunlop factory. half fail photo.

another at dunlop factory. fail.

still at dunlop factory. a bit rubbish, but ok-ish i think?

but more burnt on this one!! and i don't even remember where the matryoshka doll photo was taken.

the mega fail last photo followed by the long film roll of blankness and emptiness. the end.

do you have any lomo fail (or any other analogue camera) stories?

*updated: don't worry, i'm not giving up yet. on a side note, anna took a picture of me with my diana mini when i made a visit to melbourne, check out her blog much love. thanks for the lovely post anna!


@morenica - eh? what is dog weather? lol, sorry i've never heard of it before!

@curious constellation - i agree, aren't they amazing? i wouldn't have the patient to do this either!

@daydream lily - yep, this is mel's new project. i'm also liking the environmental angle mel puts on this project. and i love style milk too!! i think everyone should give supports to handmade art and craft too.

@chapoul - i thought you've always been obsessed with anything made of leather cha?


  1. aaw sorry to hear! but seriously, i have given up on lomography a long time ago. i can never get it right and always feel like i'm wasting film after film :(

  2. aww so sorry to hear about the failure :( On the plus side, these photos are really good! and it's good that you used half frames, so technically you get 14 instead of 7 ;)

    I had a major fail with my Holga camera once, where only 4 out of 12 photos came out. This is why I choose 35mm film instead of 120. At least with 35mm there's way more room for mistakes.

    P.S. have you seen my latets blog post? ;)

  3. well first off, i just love the pink wall! and while i haven't ever used lomo, i am huge on polaroid and i think the results you get all depend on your attitude. it's not digital and you never know what you are going to get. if you want a perfect picture than digital is the way to go... but analog is so much more exciting and and i take everything i get as a success, i love the imperfections. don't give up!

  4. i dont know what failure you have had since im not that into photography YET haha.. these still look good though :)


  5. whenever i use my lomo fisheye i always get fail photos, its such a shame! x

  6. i took my first two rolls from my diana mini to develop last weekend and nothing came out ): everything was pretty much black. i know exactly how you feel. but now i feel like getting myself an instax. good luck on your next roll!

  7. I just got the diana mine and i am so exited! I only have 3 pictures left, and i really hope they turn out well!

  8. the ones that did turn out are great! the lighting in the first photo is to die for

  9. Lomography is so unpredictable. I don't think this roll has been that much of a disaster. That first photo is actually pretty good.

  10. Wow, so dramatic. THE END. FOREVER.

    Let's take HEAPS when you're here because it's so much cheaper to get developed you can play around more.

    P.s. None of my dunlop factory ones came out either =(

  11. love the lomo contrats!!!
    you can make these into a picture book! hahah

  12. i've had some failures using my superheadz UWS lomo cam. first two rolls wasn't that satisfying but i recently developed some last week and the result turned out to be better...well, at least in my opinion haha. i guess everytime we fail, we shouldn't give up but try again and again instead. but your photos looked nice to me. would love to own a diana one of these days!

  13. Digging the pink wall! I have fails all the time, it's a bummer when you're shelling out bones for 120 film but sometimes you get unexpectedly awesome results. I'm glad you're going to keep at it!

  14. What happened with your failed ones? Over or under exposed? Or did you forget to take off the lenscap? I've done that a couple of times, always annoying.

    See if you can understand what went wrong, to avoid it next time!

    Hope you have fun with your Diana Mini!

  15. i think that every time i have used a lomo camera the results could be classed as a failure :(

    i actually think that the images that you have posted have turned out well. definitely better than ok-ish!

  16. the diana mini is so temperamental I think, I make a lot of mistakes with it still, its worth putting the effort into though. I think that first photo is beautiful, I love the light.

  17. sorry about the diani mini problems, but some are in fact better than you think. I wouldn't categorize them as fails. But keep trying I'm sure something amazing will come from a few more tries.


  18. oh yes...i burned one of my first rolls by opening my camera too soon...i was terribly angry against myself, but i guess i'll never do the same mistake again :P i try to be a lot more careful and precautious since i have only "one chance" to see my pictures!

  19. oh I like these ones that turened out. I am yet to try out the half frame function. I took my Diana Mini to Big Day Out and accidently had it switched to coloudy on a really sunnny day. all over exposed. was so sad.

  20. Well here in Spain people often says ¨dog weather/dog days¨ when the days are grey and rainy. I just translated it into english which is true that you might not hear it before.
    Ps: Regarding the results of the prints, keep trying girl!!!

  21. that is part of the charm/problem with lomo cameras - lack of control can give you hit or miss results. Personally I prefer to have more control over the results and rather use analog slr cameras.
    *The one with the mask and russian dolls is very, very good!

  22. Buy film at 1 pound store or something similar, so you won't waste money. Use 400 ISO for cloudy or indoor, use 100-200 ISO for sunny outdoor. Should help. I'd personally always use 400 film, as it's better to overexpose than underexpose a negative. If you shoot slide - the opposite is true.


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