sydney beaches #3

the last series of sydney beaches... i like observing people and places.

those who rest in peace at waverley cemetery

those who enjoy fishing and those who were surfing, bronte beach

the surfer man, bronte beach

another surfer man (and more surfers in the background actually) and the jogger and the sunbather, bronte beach

the swimmers at icebergs swimming pool, bondi beach

people relaxing at bondi beach


@morenica - hi weyma! this was taken early winter on may and it was a lot warmer then. these days sydney is about 18C on sunny daytime and it could get quite cold about 7C at night!

@louder than silence - thanks!! i want holiday too, which i'm going really soon :)


  1. Ah, this is making me sooooo homesick!! Beautiful Sydney, I miss you.

  2. love these photos, beautiful x

  3. nice captures, must be a nice moment

  4. I really love these photos. I love the wide open spaces, and the way you put together this post really makes me pay attention and observe those people too. Wonderful!

    btw, this is probably a stupid question, but how do you add the tweet and fb like button at the end of your posts?

  5. Love your little series on Sydney beaches! I am just about to move to the beach TOMORROW! So excited.. close to Melbourne though, so unfortunately probably not as warm and sunny as your photos!

  6. love these images..they are stunning...the cafe is called room 10..they make such great should go!

  7. the waves look infinite! :)

  8. hey you make a really good observer ;)

    did you take these photos from a helicopter?? xx

  9. ça donne envie !
    Great shoots ! :)


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