eveline's daily diary

see: daily wear illustrations by eveline tarunadjaja, currently based in melbourne, australia.

loving her girl artworks as much as i'm enjoying this new fun and cheerful style. some kind of wardrobe inspirations too for the winter!

how are you all doing this weekend? stay warm and dry if you're in sydney.


@vintageveggie - that's exactly right, i love people working on pretty stuff for a good cause.

@little queue @kathleen - yep, nice shoot and nice clothing too!

@sydney - i'm still actually trying to figure it out myself! regardless, it's an awesome technique don't you think?

@filh - hi there! which 2 blogs are you referring to? this blog (see hear say) is my personal blog and i'm running the creative challenge blog sparkapolooza with my friend jo.

@dailyglamour - aren't they pretty! i just to make sure that you know these are not my works. i always give credits unless i mentioned they are my pics :)

@hanna @mandy - thank you girls for  your nice comments on my sydney beaches photos!


  1. Not in Santander, we have ¨dog weather¨ here, horrible! There will be a boat race but I'm lazy to take my raincoat and my umbrella to take pictures :(. Enjoying hot choclate while browsing eveline daily diary would be better.

  2. those illustrations are adorable so lovely done! wish I had that kind of talent, too! ;)

    Take a look at my current Giveaway! Still 1 Day to enter... http://some-kind-of-style.blogspot.com/2011/07/win-vintage-original-jewellery-by-vanya.html xoxo Cam

  3. this is so cute , I like her drawings. Thanks for making me discover her blog ^^

  4. you habe a new follower!!!

    thnks for your coment. on


    i love the first one set.

    kisses & love


  5. wow she has a really creative mind! never seen fashion illustration like this, love it xx


  6. Her watercolours are amazing. I don't know if I'd ever have the patience to sit down and draw what I wore everyday; it's a great way to keep the creative juices flowing though.

  7. Wow, these paintings are neat!! So much better than Polyvore... Gonna check her site out NOW.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Here's to a happy week. XOXO.

  8. these illustrations are simply adorable. even down to the positioning of the items, is so cleverly done. adore her artwork


  9. some people are just too darn talented. This is way too cute!

  10. wow what great illustrations!!!
    Come follow my blog hun :)

  11. ah yes, i've been following these on flickr, they're so good! and i wouldn't mind owning some of her clothes!

  12. These are wonderful I love them!
    Thank you for sharing=) I am now following!
    Little Petite

  13. Oh i love love love eveline so much!!! You find the best things to blog!!! I think i will love this new little illustrations of hers too. Very cute outfit inspiration!

  14. really really love your blog! very inspiring! just followed you! hope you can return the favour!


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