see: handmade creations by koey from hong kong.

she makes all sorts of things ranging from drawings, craft and even handmade skin care products. and oh, this artist is an 18 years old young lady! 

+++ on a side note +++

can you believe that tomorrow will be the start of the last month of 2011? i feel like i haven't done anything this year, yet i only have 1 month to go. i'm setting up a little goal for myself so that by the end of the year i can say "that's right, it was last minute but i did it!". this would be my attempt to be healthier: i challenge myself not to eat lollies for the whole month next month. you hear (or read...) me right! i guess the reason why i'm putting it out there is just to put more pressure on myself to actually do this instead of just saying it. one can only hope for the best that this is working.

who wants to join me setting up your own little challenge before the end of the year? do share with me if you're doing this :)

see: a cool video by the selby for zara.

this short film is about lucy chadwick, a british artist and contemporary art gallery owner in new york city.

*via little bits of lovely*

a lot of bloggers have already done this, but it was hila who inspired me to actually dig up my old family photos when i went back home about 3 months ago. jo once also mentioned about this amazing project my parents were awesome. do you have any old family photos to share with me? please give me your link if you do, i'd love to see them!

my mum (right) and her cousin, jan 1974. mum was 20 years old at that time!

mum and dad at their engagement. look at the ruffles and laces on my mum's dress!

the gentleman was my dad's great grandpa, dad told me a special story about him when i found this photo.
the baby was my dad's grandpa

my grandma (from mum's side) and my brother. love the retro furnitures!

my brother at the front, little me at the back, with my mum and nanny.

see: three kittens photo chain project with my lovely friends jo and charlotte.

jo and charlotte and i met in sydney but now we're all apart with me still staying here, jo in vietnam and cha in norway. this is how we describe our project:

three kittens is a collective photographic dialogue. three friends in three countries (i'm in australia, jo's in vietnam and charlotte's in norway) each add a photo that takes an element from the previously posted photo. the name three kittens is inspired by a french handclap song in which each sentence starts with the syllable the previous sentence ended with. can you think of what the next photo is going to be?

above are a few snippets of our photo chain, can you see the link in between these photos? come stop by at three kittens and hope you'll enjoy following our photo adventures! have a lovely weekend!

(1) diasy and smile by cha, (2) marc jacobs daisy by me, (3) floral tiles by jo

i'm loving triangles these days. what's your current obsession?

artwork by camilla engman

printed tea towels and placemats by satsuki shibuya

necklace by emedemarta

spring 2011 collection by hound (still loving them much eventho they're not from the newest season)

mini journal by happy dappy bits

see: art by brock davis.

brock davis is an artist based in minneapolis. he's an all rounder creative mind working on various projects both serious concept and absurd humorous artworks - from drawing, writing, graphic design and also music.

hear: pumped up kicks by foster the people, american band from LA.

not the newest but still a favourite. they also recently launched a new video for their song call it what you want.

just a minute is originally a monthly meme started by august street. there are so many bloggers doing it and thought it's about time for me to play along too :) 

♥ buying... MMMG peacock blue notebook.

♥ reading... the book thief by markus zusak. amazing.

♥ listening... drive soundtrack. my fave songs from the movie here.

♥ going... to outpost project at cockatoo island.

♥ eating... custard tart from luxe bakery at newtown.

♥ watching... i need to book tickets to see midnight in paris.

camera: ricoh 35EF / film: kodak ISO400 / location: potts point

i've taken a lot of photos with diana mini during my trip in vietnam with jo. how could i not, it's so so cheap to get the films developed in hanoi - less than AUD$5 per roll! not all of them turned out good obviously, but here are some of my favourite shots that are quite ok.

halong bay

ladies from sapa villages

fog and rain at sapa mountains. i wore the most attractive poncho ever (not).

old buildings at sapa town

ochao tea house, one of the cutest places in hanoi.

a lomo lesson from the trip: diana mini is probably not the best camera to capture the fog. none of the foggy shots turned out as what i wanted them to be...

camera: diana mini / film: efiniti uxi 200 / more photos on my flickr

buy: stationery from present&correct, online shop based in england.

do you have any favourite stationery brand or online shop?

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