foster the people

hear: pumped up kicks by foster the people, american band from LA.

not the newest but still a favourite. they also recently launched a new video for their song call it what you want.


@kill the cat: feel free to play along with just in minute meme :)

@hila: yes yes definitely, some of my friends have seen it and they said it's a great movie!

@jodeska: i would want to watch it on a big screen though! why didn't you just go to cinema, isn't movie tix a lot cheaper there?


  1. Nice song! One of my favourites from Foster.

  2. love them! these lads are talented :)
    how i wish they were from the uk :P x

  3. To be honest I've only heard pumped up kicks so far, but I do love that song<3

  4. I love Foster the People! Such a great band :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  5. I like Foster The People <3
    I have the whole album looping for the whole week in my ipod.

  6. I am loving Foster the People at the moment. Their album is really good but Pumped up kicks is still my favourite

  7. the chorus of this song keeps ringing in my head :)

  8. Nothing gets you going like a little Foster the people, thanks for posted the video!


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