just a minute... in november

just a minute is originally a monthly meme started by august street. there are so many bloggers doing it and thought it's about time for me to play along too :) 

♥ buying... MMMG peacock blue notebook.

♥ reading... the book thief by markus zusak. amazing.

♥ listening... drive soundtrack. my fave songs from the movie here.

♥ going... to outpost project at cockatoo island.

♥ eating... custard tart from luxe bakery at newtown.

♥ watching... i need to book tickets to see midnight in paris.

camera: ricoh 35EF / film: kodak ISO400 / location: potts point


@annelise: thanks a lot :) hope you're going to enjoy your trip in vietnam!

@kris koeller @adeline @céline @marisa @amanda jane @m violetta: thanks so much, you are all too nice!

@rachael: thank you! are you planning an overseas trip? that's always something fun to do and look forward to!

@morenica: thanks! yes, multiple exposure on the first photo at halong bay and the last photo at ochai tea house!

@othersubplots: oh hi there! welcome and thanks for your nice comment, always happy to see someone new saying hello!


  1. The book thief is a good book! I guess I will participate on this, too! Thank you :)

  2. oh yes, I need to see midnight in paris too.

  3. Super cute photo. I just bought Midnight in Paris yesterday on dvd!

  4. Thank you for this beautiful photo...

  5. So glad you did this meme, love reading others' lists xxx

  6. I hope you had a lovely Sunday. Your photo inspired me to start using my film camera more (again).

  7. i think i need to watch midnight in paris too.. :)



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