three kittens

see: three kittens photo chain project with my lovely friends jo and charlotte.

jo and charlotte and i met in sydney but now we're all apart with me still staying here, jo in vietnam and cha in norway. this is how we describe our project:

three kittens is a collective photographic dialogue. three friends in three countries (i'm in australia, jo's in vietnam and charlotte's in norway) each add a photo that takes an element from the previously posted photo. the name three kittens is inspired by a french handclap song in which each sentence starts with the syllable the previous sentence ended with. can you think of what the next photo is going to be?

above are a few snippets of our photo chain, can you see the link in between these photos? come stop by at three kittens and hope you'll enjoy following our photo adventures! have a lovely weekend!

(1) diasy and smile by cha, (2) marc jacobs daisy by me, (3) floral tiles by jo


@hanna: surely you could add one more mini journal into your christmas wish list? it's too cute! hehehe..

@danica @sundari: say yay to triangles lovers :)

@thunderthing: lol like all other hipsters, excellent!

@vintageveggie: that's awesome, i actually don't remember when was the last time i had smarties hahaha, i feel like some now that you mentioned it.

@shhh my darling: nice to meet you too, thanks for visitting :)

@jodeska: oh.. that sculpture was a pain.. and i had a back pain too because of it!

@the squirrel and i: nothing wrong with carnations so don't feel like an old lady!

@daydream lily: you should still post about your triangle etsy finds, i would love to see them! can't get enough of triangles hehe..

@hila: thanks hila :) they're both gorgeous aren't they!

@shebby: glad you like them :)


  1. Three kittens sounds so lovely :) That's such a cool collaboration! Your photo is pretty :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. these photos are really pretty!! :)


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