present & correct

buy: stationery from present&correct, online shop based in england.

do you have any favourite stationery brand or online shop?


i knew most of you would have already subscribed to deerlings & ghostthings too :)

@marilyn: you're very welcome, thanks for inviting me to join the cause!

@joy: to be honest with you, i consider myself a bit of a tomboy too. but yes, the pink at girls raised by wolves is just gorgeous :) i like your blog btw, nice concept!


  1. how adorable! just looking at their website and amazing products! always am a sucker for stamps, lovely! xoxo

  2. Those typewriters... eeek, this would be such a luxury, but I MUST take a look.

    I was creating a clipart alphabet poster for my girl just yesterday. This was is stunning. Such elegance.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Oh I love stationery. And stamps are the most fun part. Great find!

  4. Oh my, eye candy!!!!

  5. oooh fun!
    i bought so much stationary in Japan since they have shops like Muji and just huge stores of just wonderful stationary! the best planner schedules!

  6. very cute laura! my favourite is notemaker :)

  7. I love these. I'll have to check them out.

  8. Wow, I didn't have any favorite but seeing this one makes it the apple of my eyes. Those subtle colors and creativity, simply my style.

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  9. my favorite stationery kit is a tool box full of crayons, markers, different types of scissors and glue sticks.


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