brock davis

see: art by brock davis.

brock davis is an artist based in minneapolis. he's an all rounder creative mind working on various projects both serious concept and absurd humorous artworks - from drawing, writing, graphic design and also music.


@adeline: thanks adeline, i love all of your just in a minute posts too!

@morenica: and you should too do the meme :)

@hannah: glad you feel inspired to take out your film camera again! hope you're having fun with your little buddy!

@melissa @blue night owl @sharmaine ruth @gracey @little queue @richard pearson: glad you guys like the music too. if you have any good music to share with me, please do! i'd love to hear from you all :)

@sydney: they're talented guys indeed! haha.. why did you wish they were from uk? it doesn't really matter where people come from as long as they play good music!


  1. these are gorgeous! thanks for sharing!!!

  2. these are genius, especially the bird shot. thanks for the intro!


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