old family photos

a lot of bloggers have already done this, but it was hila who inspired me to actually dig up my old family photos when i went back home about 3 months ago. jo once also mentioned about this amazing project my parents were awesome. do you have any old family photos to share with me? please give me your link if you do, i'd love to see them!

my mum (right) and her cousin, jan 1974. mum was 20 years old at that time!

mum and dad at their engagement. look at the ruffles and laces on my mum's dress!

the gentleman was my dad's great grandpa, dad told me a special story about him when i found this photo.
the baby was my dad's grandpa

my grandma (from mum's side) and my brother. love the retro furnitures!

my brother at the front, little me at the back, with my mum and nanny.


@sharmaine ruth @the milk avenue: thanks ladies :)

@chapoul: thanks for suggesting audrey roger's site, she has great portfolio!


  1. Your parents WERE awesome. Maybe I should post a few more of how awesome my mum was.

  2. Lovely photos. Your mom was very pretty :)

  3. these are too cool! awesome fam!

  4. this is so awesome Laura! I want to see some more :)

  5. I love these pictures Laura! I guess all of them are like treasures to you. By the way your mom is beautiful and looks so elegant in the photo.

  6. It's great that you have these old photos, you need to keep them like a treasure because they are a treasure. You'll like at them every now and then and they'll make you happy. I always have to laugh when I see photos from my parents wedding because my dad wore flared trousers back then and he's more the conservative one who's not into fashion at all, so it's funny that he wore pants like that.

  7. So lovely photos! Keep them well. They are a treasure.


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