see: breath taking space by swedish interior designer nanna lagerman for elle interior.

all photos were beautifully shot by philip karlberg, also from sweden.

it's time for another giveaway guys, it has been a while! today's giveaway is sponsored by howkapow online shop which has a collection of cute knicks-knacks both for yourself and as a gift.

here is how you could win this pink polkadots mini deco necklace:

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*UPDATE: competition is now closed. thank you everyone who has participated and thanks howkapow for hosting this giveaway!

see: cute, simple, little illustrations and writing by shanna murray, from western NY.

the last image is her collaboration with nikole herriott from forty-sixth at grace, and i'm currently using this as my desktop wallpaper. what's on your wallpaper screen?

have a nice weekend!

what's on: a4 paper festival presented by paper convention collective. view their full program here.

the opening night is next tuesday, 31st may, at one of my fave art galleries in sydney the paper mill gallery. i love paper and i'm quite excited about this! don't forget to rsvp if you'd like to attend the opening night. anyone planning to go? well i am, so i'll see you there!

annnddd... another exciting event happening soon is vivid sydney which starts this friday 27th may. oh, that's in 2 days, yay!

see: artwall by metroplastique, collaboration between 2 french designers supakitch and koralie.

mind blowing. *via lady croisant*

p.s. thank you all for your nice comments on my photos at dunlop factory :) that place is just amazing and if you're hunting for a photo location you should definitely check it out!
the best part of dunlop factory is upstairs, where we've got disco lights effect from the holes on the ceilings

one side of the walls upstairs, outside at the balcony

even on the floor you'll find cute little graffiti too

iphone camera is actually not too bad

the globe balloon and the camera equipments on the disco floor

andy shooting (another shot of this here and when the role was reversed here)

can't get enough of the disco lights, so here we go again

a version of that photo taken with iphone camera, but this one was taken with canon

once upon a time, we went for a mini adventure to dunlop factory at this sydney suburb called alexandria. this amazing space is an old factory (or warehouse?) with all the walls covered in colourful graffiti, and the windows and ceilings are damaged here and there due to hail storms. the water reflection from the rain the day before just adds up a nice touch to the place especially for us to take pictures.

so jo and i played model for young mr andy chan, who took this photo for our brief 'fox and bear' at sparkapolooza. can not wait to see the rest of his photos! have a look at jo's photos on her blog jodeska where *ehem!* you'll see couples pictures of me! she has also kindly shared the detailed location of this beautiful space if you're interested in planning a visit.

more of my photos soon. and thanks to the chans for a hell lots of fun day, we should definitely do it again!

buy: tea forté, american brand gourmet tea found by peter hewitt.

i can not tell you how good their tea is, you just have to try them yourself. every flavour is just special, not to mention how much i love their sexy pyramid packaging too, i just have to take pictures. oh, they also have recipes for iced tea and cocktails too on their site, yummeeh! good tea makes me happy!

see: fashion photography by kayt jones, originally from london now residing in LA.

and the video was a short film that she made in collaboration with her husband jay rodan.

this year i've been really lucky to be able to go to semi permanent creative conference the last two days. so many creative people, designers and artists, who basically talked about their works and how they got to where they are now and kayt jones was one of the speakers on today's sessions. 

it's really inspiring to see her beautiful works (and other speakers too) but i want to mention that i'm really amazed about her passion and how she's juggling in between work and family as a mum with 2 kids, not to mention her down to earth and friendly personality. quoted from her presentation today: "do things you're afraid of to keep yourself creative".

few other highlights, not in particular order:

♥ yay blogger is working again!!
♥ "if you do nothing, nothing happens" by a poet called πO, as mentioned by moffit.moffit. at semi permanent.
♥ my diana shots are featured at this nice blog curious constellation, thanks so much!
♥ the amusing new life of johnny and jo at hanoi - your last post just made me laugh!

i think i've done enough talking today. enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

see: 24 m2 (or 258 square foot) apartment designed by barbara appolloni, currently residing in barcelona.

very practical for such a tiny space, and i think it works well for someone single. the very minimalist modern chromed colour interior itself, i have to say, is not really my personal taste and i found it a bit masculine. however what barbara has done to this mini space i think is super cool. and i totally in love with the balcony and the rooftop!

i'm not sure if i would live in this kind of apartment but i definitely wouldn't mind staying there for a short period of time or as holiday apartment. what do you think?

*via the consumerist*

see: illustrations by jamie mills from cheltenham, england.

i just love the black and white drawings and the colourful bits packaged together. very very nice concept and big love on the subjects nature, animals and structures!

a little update from me...
you noticed i have been slow at posting these days, i have been busy entertaining some folks from overseas and as well i'm currently working on a design project that's really close to a deadline now! i have lots of photos taken during the time i'm away from blogging that i still need to sort out and share with you, so bear with me for a little bit longer will you! hope you are all doing well.

hi all, just posting the last batch of my second roll from my diana mini.. these were taken at terrigal, central coast NSW. first photo is terrigal beach, second and third photo are from this cute little shop around the area.

a few link loves:

♥ chelsea jade's new music via oh, hello there.

♥ new sparkapolooza brief is up featuring a photo of jo and me at this abandoned dunlop factory at alexandria. i am yet to sort my photos from the mini adventure. but anyway, don't forget to participate on the latest sparkapolooza brief!

vivid sydney is coming up soon, i'm excited! i love how there are always things happening in sydney.

*camera: diana mini, film: kodak colorplus 200*

see: kikki k's latest campaign by mikkel vang, a denmark native.

if you haven't already got it, go get yourself a copy of kikki k's latest catalogue when you stop by at one of their shops. combining beautiful stationery with stunning photography packaged in one nice simple layout just wins me.
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