jamie mills

see: illustrations by jamie mills from cheltenham, england.

i just love the black and white drawings and the colourful bits packaged together. very very nice concept and big love on the subjects nature, animals and structures!

a little update from me...
you noticed i have been slow at posting these days, i have been busy entertaining some folks from overseas and as well i'm currently working on a design project that's really close to a deadline now! i have lots of photos taken during the time i'm away from blogging that i still need to sort out and share with you, so bear with me for a little bit longer will you! hope you are all doing well.


  1. These are so you! Dunlop Factory photos please =D

  2. i found these recently too, they are fantastic.

  3. oh I hear you about deadlines! good luck lovely laura :)

  4. These illustrations are awesome. So whimsical and cute.

  5. i love this illustration so much... the combination of black and colours is just perfect


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