dunlop factory #1

once upon a time, we went for a mini adventure to dunlop factory at this sydney suburb called alexandria. this amazing space is an old factory (or warehouse?) with all the walls covered in colourful graffiti, and the windows and ceilings are damaged here and there due to hail storms. the water reflection from the rain the day before just adds up a nice touch to the place especially for us to take pictures.

so jo and i played model for young mr andy chan, who took this photo for our brief 'fox and bear' at sparkapolooza. can not wait to see the rest of his photos! have a look at jo's photos on her blog jodeska where *ehem!* you'll see couples pictures of me! she has also kindly shared the detailed location of this beautiful space if you're interested in planning a visit.

more of my photos soon. and thanks to the chans for a hell lots of fun day, we should definitely do it again!


@abby - if you love tea you'll definitely love this one, i can assure you!

@barbara ismailovic @sundari @cassidy - yes yes yes! they don't only look nice they taste sooo good too!


  1. Nice place. Next time I'll come with you. I'll add this to my to do list ;-)

  2. wonderful! love old abandoned warehouses and I always enjoy looking at other countries street art. In my city couple of guys made a indoor skate park of one old factory.

  3. these pics make me want to head over to alexandria! i do love a good grafitti covered wall as a background :)

  4. oh this is rather cute :)

    Laura, you won my giveaway! I'll be sending you an email soon ...

  5. Cool photos! Looks like such an awesome place for photo-taking. I can see myself spending hours there.

  6. wow, great place, i`d like to see it

  7. Very artistic! I wish we have freedom wall here in our place ;)


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