dunlop factory #2

the best part of dunlop factory is upstairs, where we've got disco lights effect from the holes on the ceilings

one side of the walls upstairs, outside at the balcony

even on the floor you'll find cute little graffiti too

iphone camera is actually not too bad

the globe balloon and the camera equipments on the disco floor

andy shooting (another shot of this here and when the role was reversed here)

can't get enough of the disco lights, so here we go again

a version of that photo taken with iphone camera, but this one was taken with canon


@chapoul - yes for sure add this to your list! when are you coming back cha?

@barbara ismailovic - i love street art too! :)

@SJ - you should go and explore, this place is amazing!

@hila - thanks hila, i'm so excited waiting for your book. you made my day!!

@anne - thanks :)

@muchlove - we did spend hours there! we had fun taking pictures that we forgot about lunch, funny cause i was usually the one who gets hungry all the time hehehe..


  1. first photo looks like a galaxy :)

  2. What a cool place to do some shooting!

  3. Amazing photos! What a great place to visit :) x

  4. I'm a fan of graffiti, no lie. This seems like an amazing location!

  5. Very nice! Loving these photos x

  6. Thanks for the profile photo!

  7. What an interesting place! I love your cardigan by the way :)

  8. Are they holes that create the disco light effect? I wonder to be inside the factory when it's reaining :).
    Anyway, I like this place.


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