kayt jones

see: fashion photography by kayt jones, originally from london now residing in LA.

and the video was a short film that she made in collaboration with her husband jay rodan.

this year i've been really lucky to be able to go to semi permanent creative conference the last two days. so many creative people, designers and artists, who basically talked about their works and how they got to where they are now and kayt jones was one of the speakers on today's sessions. 

it's really inspiring to see her beautiful works (and other speakers too) but i want to mention that i'm really amazed about her passion and how she's juggling in between work and family as a mum with 2 kids, not to mention her down to earth and friendly personality. quoted from her presentation today: "do things you're afraid of to keep yourself creative".

few other highlights, not in particular order:

♥ yay blogger is working again!!
♥ "if you do nothing, nothing happens" by a poet called πO, as mentioned by moffit.moffit. at semi permanent.
♥ my diana shots are featured at this nice blog curious constellation, thanks so much!
♥ the amusing new life of johnny and jo at hanoi - your last post just made me laugh!

i think i've done enough talking today. enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


  1. i really like the quote by the poet.
    thanks for sharing (:

  2. I loved the video .thanks!

  3. That video was beautiful ... and those images are stunning. I love being introduced to talented people.

  4. I love those images! She's really talented.

  5. These are stunning shots! Semi permanent sounds great I wish I could have gone. Have a brilliant week xo

  6. Amazing shot on the beach! That old rope resembles a vacuum cleaner when the image is small :-)


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