shanna murray

see: cute, simple, little illustrations and writing by shanna murray, from western NY.

the last image is her collaboration with nikole herriott from forty-sixth at grace, and i'm currently using this as my desktop wallpaper. what's on your wallpaper screen?

have a nice weekend!

. . . replies . . .

@cassidy: the girl in my dunlop factory photos is jo, not me :) i do like her cardigan too!

@morenica: yep, the disco lights are natural lights coming through the holes on the ceilings. i never really know you don't like tea! more a coffee person? i think i like both tea and coffee equally.


  1. this is adorable, really loving it!

  2. there's a kind of calmness in these images.

  3. what's on my wallpaper screen? Of course the picture of my dog Timi :)

  4. i wish i could eat those donuts right now :)

  5. Super inspiring work! Thanks for the post. :))


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