that day in terrigal

hi all, just posting the last batch of my second roll from my diana mini.. these were taken at terrigal, central coast NSW. first photo is terrigal beach, second and third photo are from this cute little shop around the area.

a few link loves:

♥ chelsea jade's new music via oh, hello there.

♥ new sparkapolooza brief is up featuring a photo of jo and me at this abandoned dunlop factory at alexandria. i am yet to sort my photos from the mini adventure. but anyway, don't forget to participate on the latest sparkapolooza brief!

vivid sydney is coming up soon, i'm excited! i love how there are always things happening in sydney.

*camera: diana mini, film: kodak colorplus 200*


@simoana - kikki k is a stationery shop based in australia, their collection is inspired by swedish design. i think at the moment they're only available in aussie, nz and singapore.

@muchlove - yes, get their catalogue soon!

@miss flying v - oh you know what, she's called "tini" in the indonesian version of debbie learns to dance! i think it makes sense now where tini comes from, it must have been influenced by the dutch version.

@everyone commenting on my post about marcel merlier - i have to search and browse your fave children books, this would be fun fun!


  1. i'm excited about Vivid as well! i love walking around the chilly city at night with a hot drink taking in all the beautiful lights and seeing people excited by their city!

  2. love your photos laura, they're perfect and dreamy.

    p.s. thanks so much for your words of encouragement on my blog!

  3. great pictures! glad you're enjoying the diana!

  4. Love the effect of each pictures !


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