march challenge: do something different everyday!

this is a new challenge that jo and i are going to do for the whole month in march. amongst other bloggers around the world, these lovely ladies are also taking the challenge with us: adeline from lady croisant, anna from much love, illana from see me everywhere and tracey from quiet paws

join us! take it as simple as it can be: order different coffee from your favourite cafe, wear an old pair of shoes that you haven't worn in years, walk different route to work or do sparkapolooza! (excuse myself, couldn't help myself for shameless self promotion here!). you can also think big and do a completely new activity: sky diving maybe? no need to do or buy something new all the time. be creative, this is why this challenge is called do something different everyday NOT do something new everyday.

any rules? this is your own challenge, everything is completely flexible on how you want to do this and how you want to record your progress. for me, i'll be tracking my progress on instagram. you can add my ID lauratj or if you're not iphone or ipad users, you can check my instagram photos here.

why this challenge? just to put more colours to your everyday mundane life. and of course to have fun! you never know what you might find or experience just by doing the simplest thing differently from your day to day routine. 

need some more inspirations? read these words of wisdom from my previous posts here and here.

hope you'll be participating, would love to hear from you! or we will also have some updates on Half/Half facebook page so join us there. *updated* if you do join us on of those many social media channels out there, please tag your post #differentmarch so that i can follow your updates :)

read: 29 ways to stay creative. original words by paul zii and motion graphics by to-fu.

i need to print this out and put it up on my inspiration wall!

*updated* and yes, (as suggested by jo) i'd like to add 1 more thing to this list:

30. do sparkapolooza!

happy friday :)

+++ on a side note +++

thank you everyone for all your votes on the iphone cases :) i think in the end i really fell in love with this one so i'm going to order it! society6 is having a special offer free shipping until sunday by the way if there's anything that you want to buy there. 

buy: artworks, gadget skins / cases, t-shirts and hoodies from society6

i need a new iphone case and i'm really having a hard time to decide which one to get! so many nice designs by different artists. after browsing for way too long, i managed to shortlist to these ones. decisions decisions... which one do you think i should get?

(click each image to view source for each design)

hear: middle of the bed by lucy rose.

like. like. like her voice. she also reminds me of someone but i couldn't pin down who?

happy valentine's day for you lovebirds. and happy single appreciation day for the rest of us. give a little love today, both to yourself and to others (nicely put tornadoes and tigers!), go on and spoil yourself! ♥

see: winter 2012 collection from australian retail brand veronika maine

i'm quite liking these outfits. what do you think?

buy: cute tote bags by see me everywhere

congrats ilana for your new shop! see more photos at ilana's blog see me everywhere. and win one of these totes at here comes the sun valentine's giveaway.

can't believe it's february already! eh.. i haven't been posting as much as i'd like to :(

see: woody allen's midnight in paris

i finally got a chance to see this last week. it was at bondi open air, which is this open air cinema by the beach in sydney and it was all meant to be a nice outing for a summer night. but no. it was freaking cold and windy and grey, it was drizzling on and off all night. it's ok though because this movie was SO good and it was definitely worth it staying out. 

i've always thought paris is beautiful but i feel like i didn't appreciate it as much as i should on my visits during the time i lived in europe. i want to go back to paris! does anyone of you live there? i'm still interested in hearing where everyone is from, drop me a line here :)

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