29 ways to stay creative

read: 29 ways to stay creative. original words by paul zii and motion graphics by to-fu.

i need to print this out and put it up on my inspiration wall!

*updated* and yes, (as suggested by jo) i'd like to add 1 more thing to this list:

30. do sparkapolooza!

happy friday :)

+++ on a side note +++

thank you everyone for all your votes on the iphone cases :) i think in the end i really fell in love with this one so i'm going to order it! society6 is having a special offer free shipping until sunday by the way if there's anything that you want to buy there. 


  1. These are great - I'm printing them out & putting them in a frame near on my desk..!



  2. Oh this is awesome ... I need to print this one up too. Often I forget #22 and #28. :)

  3. I need to remember these things to get past creative block!

    I think #11 should be extended slightly to emphasise that the people you surround yourself with should not only be creative, but also positive. Pessimistic people have the worst impact on creativity.

  4. I needed this today.

    Thanks :)

  5. I love this little video. Something says I'll watch it everyday. Got to say, my favorite is #4 get away from the computer. And of course #30!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I really love it and must follow it later when I have more free time.
    Also, I truly agree with Danica. Staying with creative people with positive attitude is important!

  7. Oh. Can I just add one more that worked for me at 5am yesterday morning? Dress up in something ridiculous (layer upon layer style), laugh at yourself and then instagram it. Best 'let loose' creative 15 minutes I have had in a longtime! Love this site!


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