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can't believe it's february already! eh.. i haven't been posting as much as i'd like to :(


@nancy @sydney L @jennifer @hila: you should go see this movie when you have a chance!

@jodeska @koey @melanie: me too me too!

@sundari: that's exactly it. i don't like cheesy movie in general, but woody allen has successfully presented this in such a quirky way that's just delightful and enjoyable to watch!

@little person: if only time machine does exist :)

@curious constellation: let me know what you think once you've watch this :)

@a. nyong: oh i know what you mean, i'm sure everywhere you go there are still positive and negative sides of a city / country. exactly right, on the other side, as a local you'll also know where the best places are! you're so lucky to live in such a beautiful city!

@jessica sandoval @M @teresa: totally! glad you like the movie as much as i do!

@danica: i was in rotterdam for about 3 years for uni :)

@le petite kayah: another lucky one who lives in paris!

@narumi: for me personally i love the movie regardless, i think the way woody allen presented the storyline in such a quirky way so the views of paris shown in the movie are enough to serve the purpose :) i'm sure there are so much more other wonderful places to see in paris that only the locals know including yourself!

@kimberley: ohhh i'm jealous! enjoy your trip in june!

@lily: thanks for all the movie suggestions + recommendations on places to go! i've seen most of them that you mentioned except for 'little white lies' and 'the first day of the rest of your life'. i have to go have a look!

@sol: thanks so much for all the suggestions!! i'll take a note next time i plan a trip to paris and i'm sure this would be very useful for everyone else who's reading :)


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