buy: artworks, gadget skins / cases, t-shirts and hoodies from society6

i need a new iphone case and i'm really having a hard time to decide which one to get! so many nice designs by different artists. after browsing for way too long, i managed to shortlist to these ones. decisions decisions... which one do you think i should get?

(click each image to view source for each design)


@cupcake barcelona @nomadic d. @gracey @tracey @make it easy: happy to hear you like the music too!

@hanna: i'm also addicted to bombay bicycle club's song 'lights out, words gone'!

@courtney @jodeska @chapoul @hila: lots of people say she does sound like feist, i think her voice sounds like feist and regina spektor combined?

@amelia: ohhh i may have heard of birdy before but can't recall which one she is, i have to look her up!


  1. The fourth one, it's beautiful x

  2. I'm actually thinking of buying a case from there too! I really love the Someday case by Alice Zhang.
    I also really love the cases by the person who makes the second and third ones you posted. My vote is: the third or the fifth!

  3. these are absolutely lovely :)
    i look at them and i hear some tunes from Bon Iver, Feist and Fleet Foxes.

  4. Btw, my vote goes to the 4th one!

  5. I like the last one, with the birds :)

  6. the last two are absolutely lovely! i will end up buying an iphone just for the beautiful cases i'm afraid. x

  7. I like the tree and triangles one. I got my case from Society 6, a Lilly Piri one

  8. I hope my comments is not too late, if I were you, I'd choose the last one, trees with birds. so subtle.


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