midnight in paris

see: woody allen's midnight in paris

i finally got a chance to see this last week. it was at bondi open air, which is this open air cinema by the beach in sydney and it was all meant to be a nice outing for a summer night. but no. it was freaking cold and windy and grey, it was drizzling on and off all night. it's ok though because this movie was SO good and it was definitely worth it staying out. 

i've always thought paris is beautiful but i feel like i didn't appreciate it as much as i should on my visits during the time i lived in europe. i want to go back to paris! does anyone of you live there? i'm still interested in hearing where everyone is from, drop me a line here :)


@sydney @tracey @natasya: i agree!

@missb: sorry about that and thanks for letting me know! i've fixed the link as soon as i saw your comment, hope you've now found the right direction to lufdesign!

@lavender playground: i know, aren't they just cute! makes laundry a more fun activity :)

@blaze: full of awesomeness aren't they! enjoy your green ties :D


  1. oh I really want to see this! thanks for the recommendation :)

  2. I'm still thinking about this movie! Love love love.

  3. this movie's getting a lot of attention lately it seems ;D


  4. I really enjoyed this movie. I watched it on the plane and it was a really good movie to watch on a long flight. I must say I haven't seen classic Woody Allen films, only his recent ones, so I find his films a bit easy, cheesy, and neat but enjoyable all the same.

  5. This film is fabulous and it just shows me everywhere in Paris !!!
    And yea,sometimes I really find PRESENT is not for me .

  6. I've been meaning to watch this for a while now so I'll make sure I check i out this week.

  7. It is a lovely movie :) To me, a parisian girl, this movie is more a postcard than a representation of Paris. I think you did not appreciate this city when you can because of the tourists, the homeless everywhere in the subway, the trash in the streets...
    Paris is very beautiful, if you know where to go :)

  8. This is my favorite movie of all time. I loved this movie and it made me feel all this appreciation when I actually went to Paris. Paris is just full of magic.

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  9. Oh I adore this movie! I think this is totally the best Woody Allen's work :)

  10. I've only spent a couple of days in Paris and after watching this I REALLY want take some time to visit the beautiful city properly. Such a gorgeous movie!

  11. Definitely my favourite film of 2011! I am glad you enjoyed it too :)

    Where did you live in Europe? I am quite envious.

  12. I live in Paris right now and I can say - it's wonderful ;-)


  13. I adore Paris as I live there but I didn't like the movie so much because it's showing the touristic places, there is so much beauty elsewhere :)

  14. Isn't it an absolutely stunning movie? I think it captures an underground romantic beauty about the city that is hard for tourists to find. Going to explore it more when I head over in June definitely! x

  15. I really want to see this ~ it looks like a beautiful film plus I quite like both Owen Wilson and Marion Cotillard.

  16. Bonjour everyone,

    I really loved this movie, it totally captivated me in the watching, I even had a bit of nostalgia since it is my city, but thankfully I was on the plane to Paris when I watched it...Paris can be so magical,beautiful,inspiring and sometimes so loud, cruel, exhausting..I think Woody Allen painted the magic city quite well..:) Paris has inspired a lot of artists, like Picasso, Man ray, Hemingway, Zola...and so Woody Allen.

    I also recommend:
    - The Science of Sleep
    - Amelie
    - 2 days in Paris (very funny)
    - La vie en Rose (Edith Piaf)
    - Little White Lies (very french)
    - The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

    And if you're planning to go to Paris soon, here is a great website:

    Have a coffee at Les deux Magots, Have a brunch at Cafe de la Paix or go dining at La Rotonde..:)

  17. Bonjour tout le monde!

    Paris is such a beautiful city that everytime you go there you fall in love again and again.

    I've been living in Paris 3 years and a half (I just left Paris one month ago) and I can tell you that the city is amazing, the architecture, the history, the culture... everything is really inspiring but it's also very hard living if you want to stay there for some years.

    The Paris that we can see in the film is the touristic Paris (and everybody knows it's wonderful). But there's also an amazing city to discover round the corner of every quartier, far from the tourist circuit.

    My advices: go take a thè à la menthe at the Mosque of Paris (http://www.casablock.com/search?q=mezquita), take a bike ride by night across the city, the Gallery Perrotin and the Palais de Tokyo have always incredible exhibitions (http://www.casablock.com/2011/11/takashi-murakami-homenaje-yves-klein.html, http://www.casablock.com/2011/12/art-freaks-olaf-breuning.html), Le Relais Gascon is a great restaurant for dinner in Montmartre (big dishes and very good prices), go to the Rue Sainte-Marthe (at the 10ème arrondissement) if you want to take a drink in the new cool neighborhood of Paris (Ménilmontant)... and if you want to know some more tips, take a look at the blog Casablock (www.casablock.com).

    Have a nice trip!

  18. I enjoy this film very much.
    It has shown me the most beautiful Paris. I am eager to go to Paris after watching this!

  19. I still haven't seen this, although I really want to!

  20. Just watched it for the second time last weekend! Such beautiful music and images. I also love how the storyline ends. We visited there last year and spent five days walking as far as we could. Can't wait to go back. In the meantime I'm reliving them as I continue to post photos. Each time I look at them, I'm immediately transported back.

  21. Midnight in Paris is now my all time favorite movie... I might even watch it this afternoon. Thanks for the reminder!


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