lucy rose

hear: middle of the bed by lucy rose.

like. like. like her voice. she also reminds me of someone but i couldn't pin down who?

happy valentine's day for you lovebirds. and happy single appreciation day for the rest of us. give a little love today, both to yourself and to others (nicely put tornadoes and tigers!), go on and spoil yourself! ♥


@sundari: oh i wish i can pull off a dress like this too! 

@curious constellation: yep love the curls. especially i'm stuck with my boring straight hair.

@sistinas: indeed :)

@teresa: i don't know why veronika maine wasn't that appealing to me before! but tis all about to change now haha..

@see me everywhere: pleasure! all the best with the new shop and look forward to new items you have in store!


  1. I didn't know this girl, great music! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. What a great voice! So nice to discover new music, thanks!

  3. I love Lucy Rose's music! I've known her for some time since I really like Bombay Bicycle Club and they always seem to be performing or shooting videos together, so I was really happy when her record came out.

  4. love it, sounds a bit like Feist to me.

  5. Love this so much. She sounds like FIEST.

  6. I like it :) Thanks for sharing!
    True that she sounds a bit like Feist.

  7. Yep, Jo has it right - she does sound like Fiest.

    I hope you spoiled yourself too Laura!

  8. fan of lucy rose here <3 she have the most endearing voice in the face of mankind! thanks for sharing this :)

  9. Oh thanks for the introduction to Lucy ... she's lovely. I hope you had a lovely single appreciation day! :)

  10. she has such a lovely voice :) and reminds me of Birdy

  11. omg, i LOVE this!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!!
    im going to download her right away!!
    her voice gives me goosebumps!

  12. She sounds a bit like Regina Spektor - Samson

  13. I listen to Lucy Rose too! She really got a real talent. Have you heard her latest single titled "Scars" & "Red Face"? If you haven't then you should check it out.


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