see / listen: white nights by oh land.

cute music, cute dancing, cute video clip. dreamy and cheerful. i also love her other song rainbow.

i have been super busy at work that it doesn't really feel i've just come back from holiday :( what music on your playlist lately? i need new music to keep me companied at work and make the days go easier. 

one of the most memorable things from my trip in bali is the trekking to the paddy terraces behind our resort. such a beautiful breath taking view. feels like i'm walking in a painting except that it's not, it's quite surreal and everywhere is so green and peaceful. more about these when i post more photos taken with my digital camera. how's your weekend so far?

all shot by tiara putuhena except last photo of her and our friendly staff from our resort
camera: diana mini / film: fujicolor superia 200 / location: tegalalang near ubud, bali / more on flickr

can i just say menega cafe has the best seafood i've ever had in my life! yes, you have to walk through all this thick smoke from the grills and yes, your eyes will start to get hurt and watery because of it. and yes your hair and clothes smell like food after you leave this place. but i don't care because it's all so worth it. 

all the food is just so fresh and tasty, i feel hungry now just thinking about it. unfortunately i don't have any picture of the food to show you, we just attacked the food as soon as they came out and didn't care about taking pictures anymore! delicious food, fresh coconut drink and beautiful sunset on the beach all combined is just heaven! very highly recommended.

a note on the pics, i have been retouching these photos using one of julia trotti's curves as found on daydream lily. julia has a great selection of ready to use curves and they're just awesome, so easy and fun to use.

camera: canon 450d / location: jimbaran, bali

see: photographs by charlotte boeyden from belgium.

i've just recently revisited her flickr and website. this young lady just captures the most gorgeous lights at the right moment.

i just have so many beach photos that i posted before, i thought this time i played around with photoshop and have them edited in lighter colours. do you like? i'd love your feedback.

the first 3 photos are the view from the beach down the cliff and the last 2 are on our way back to the top. can you spot the guys preparing "marry me" candles on the sand on the last photo? i wanted to stay to see the proposal, so romantic!

i still have a lot to show you, but i'll try to alternate my travel posts with regular posts in the next few weeks. enjoy your sunday!

camera: canon 450D / location: nammos beach club, karma kandara

red, yellow, blue at pecatu beach, dreamland. i think this is my favourite in this roll.

left: me and the girls at nammos karma kandara / right: pecatu beach

left: pecatu beach / right: balinese offerings

my friend's wedding at conrad bali

monkey forest, ubud

left: the view behind pundi-pundi / right: abing terrace swimming pool

as promised, here are some sneak peaks of my diana mini shots from my trip in bali. can i just say bali is just such an amazing place to be! i haven't gone in over 10 years and this trip makes me fall in love again with my home country indonesia. some highlights:

nammos karma kandara is just beautiful. bali's version of santorini!

♥ saw calon arang, a traditional balinese ceremony at one of the local temples near ubud. the bit with the trance was a little creepy, but it was all very very interesting. it was a non commercial sacred ceremony and very original, so i'm glad i had a chance to see this.

♥ my friend's wedding, it was a lovely day. we went to get martini cocktails after the wedding and the bartender made them super strong. i remember we were talking about some really funny stuff, but now i couldn't really recall what we talked about exactly...

♥ awesome lounge bar potato head. cocktails and outdoor bed seats and swimming pool by the beach. all ticked.

♥ food food food! top list noms incudes cafe menega jimbaran, bali nikmat, pundi-pundi, cafe wayan.

♥ i saw fireflies for the first time, and we caught one! was near our hotel abing terrace resort. you should stay there if you're planning to go to ubud. it's a beautiful place, they're the nicest people and i know you'll be well looked after. good times!

♥ waking up early to walk along the rice terraces behind the hotel. it was so so beautiful.

♥ tried balinese traditional alcoholic drinks arak and tuak for the first time. eh... i'm not a big fan of them.

♥ happy hour at the jazz bar laughing buddha bar. mojito after mojito after mojito...

ok that's a pretty long list, i'm sorry if i bore you! long story short, bali trip was so much fun and full of cultural experiences, food and drinks, and hanging out in the sun. more photos to come on the next few posts. have you been to bali?

camera: diana mini / film: fujicolor superia 200 / more photos on my flickr

hi everyone, i arrived back in sydney this morning. coming home, i am:

- not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, this would be difficult. sigh.
- not looking forward to doing my laundry. double sigh.
- feeling like doing a massive clean up at my place after staying at jo and johnny's nice apartment in hanoi
- enjoying my hot shower at home, i think your own bathroom at home is the best one yes?
- also looking forward to sleeping on my own bed, i think i'm going to sleep like a baby tonight.

apart from that, my trip was amazing and i have lots of photos and stories to tell! i'll save that for next time though, i'm going to have lunch and take a nap soon, i'm all exhausted and having to readjust to sydney winter is just a bit too much after such a hot and steamy weather in south east asia!

a big thank you again for amanda from here comes the sun, liss from daydream lily and danica from oh, hello there for taking care of my blog while i was away. thanks ladies!!

shot by tiara putuhena using my diana mini / location: ubud, bali / film: fujicolor superia 200
Few things are better than receiving a recommendation for a good film, so I thought I would conclude my guest posting stint on See Hear Say with a few tips for some lesser known films that tickle my fancy. I hope that you enjoy them too.*

*I have included a link to each film's trailer or an except to give you a taste.

THE CLASSIC // If you would like to see the world in monochrome

Endearingly heartwarming and deliciously hilarious, The Apartment (1960) is a film that has truly stood the test of time. Shirley MacClaine’s character captures the essence of being a single working woman better than any of the Sex and the City girls ever could, and the film may even make you a little doe-eyed for Jack Lemmon. Just you wait and see.

THE COMEDY // If you need a giggle

Bedrooms and Hallways (1998) is a little known British comedy that takes an alternative perspective on the battle of the sexes. Exploring gender, sexuality, lust, love and the fraught world of dating, this film has some top-notch one liners and delightful misunderstandings. I promise that it will pick you up after a bad day.

THE DOCUMENTARY // If you would like a little education from your viewing material

I assume that if you’re reading this blog then you’re obviously interested in art, and there are few more intriguing subjects than Herb and Dorothy Vogel. This fascinating documentary charts this married couple's early foray into art collecting in New York City and how they managed to amass one of the biggest independent minimalist art collections in the world. The story of Herb and Dorothy (2008) is both inspiring and lovely.

THE FOREIGN FILM // If you’re in the mood for sexy accents and subtitles

Last year Laura posted a mini review on Christophe HonorĂ©’s La Belle Personne and, as he is one of my favourite filmmakers, I thought that I would also recommend his first feature, Dans Paris (2006). At times confronting, the film deals with love, sex and depression against the backdrop of Paris at Christmas time. Its beautifully made, superbly acted and a film that every cinĂ©phile should see.

THE INDIE FLICK // If you’re after something left of centre

With an excellent ensemble cast of on-screen and off-screen friends, The Anniversary Party (2001) is one of the best indie films that came out of the early noughties. Set in a beautiful LA home of a couple celebrating their sixth anniversary, the film zeros in on the individual narratives of the couple, as well as their party guests. Featuring a brilliant soundtrack, The Anniversary Party meditates on joy and connection, pathos and alienation.

Please feel free to leave a comment with your own film recommendations. A big thank you to Laura for inviting me to be a part of her little space on the web for this past week!

Bonjour lovely See Hear Say readers! This is Danica from oh, hello there and I will be rounding out Laura's guest blogging schedule while she continues to gallivant around overseas. And yes, that is a hint of envy that you have just detected.

Last week Liss shared some beautiful photographs from Lukasz Wierzbowski and I am continuing this trend with some images from Justin Waldron, a talented young photographer who lives and works between New York and Japan. For anyone who is, like me, desperate to take off and wander to unknown and new places, Waldron's photographic works provide a view into itinerant intimacies and ephemeral moments. They're perfect if you're looking to get a little lost from the comfort of your own home.

I look forward to catching up with you again later in the week.

Amazing photography by Lukasz Wierzbowski, Poland. His work has such a vulnerable fragile feel, its almost as if he has captured a moment that we were not meant to see.

thanks Laura for having me on your blog this week!

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