charlotte boeyden

see: photographs by charlotte boeyden from belgium.

i've just recently revisited her flickr and website. this young lady just captures the most gorgeous lights at the right moment.


thanks so much everyone for your comments on my previous post, you're all always so sweet and i'm glad you like the over exposed light photo retouching :)

@daydream lily - yep, i played around with photoshop curves as well as levels. you should definitely go to bali! i thought it's going to be too touristy too, but luckily i went with friends who know all the really nice places to go. now that i've gone, i can give you a list of recommendation heheh... nammos beach club on my previous post is a private beach. you need to pay to get in but it's worth it! we didn't book in advance, we just went there straight.

@suite henry - oh thank you! it was actually pretty hot there on the beach!


  1. You're right.
    That last one has the best light!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Nice to see some Belgian talent on your blog :)

    xx Viola

  3. Filed firmly in the ever growing 'photographs I wish I'd taken' part of my computer... These are really beautiful - she does use light fantastically.

  4. She's really good! Also love the lights.

    Camila Faria

  5. Tes photos sont sublimes, vraiment.
    Belle découverte ^^

    Have a nice day!


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