bali #3: jimbaran

can i just say menega cafe has the best seafood i've ever had in my life! yes, you have to walk through all this thick smoke from the grills and yes, your eyes will start to get hurt and watery because of it. and yes your hair and clothes smell like food after you leave this place. but i don't care because it's all so worth it. 

all the food is just so fresh and tasty, i feel hungry now just thinking about it. unfortunately i don't have any picture of the food to show you, we just attacked the food as soon as they came out and didn't care about taking pictures anymore! delicious food, fresh coconut drink and beautiful sunset on the beach all combined is just heaven! very highly recommended.

a note on the pics, i have been retouching these photos using one of julia trotti's curves as found on daydream lily. julia has a great selection of ready to use curves and they're just awesome, so easy and fun to use.

camera: canon 450d / location: jimbaran, bali


  1. I love these photo's and Juilia's photoshop curves are brilliant!

  2. Love your photos. You make me wish I could be whisk away there for lunch...

  3. Great photos. Captures the place perfectly. Nice work!

  4. Wow, can I just hop a plane this second?!
    Nothing really beats fresh coconut...;)

  5. Beautiful photos ... they make me want to go there too (and I don't even eat seafood). ;)

  6. oh, you also have been to bali! one of my most favorite places ever! and your pictures are super nice!


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