bali #1: diana mini version

red, yellow, blue at pecatu beach, dreamland. i think this is my favourite in this roll.

left: me and the girls at nammos karma kandara / right: pecatu beach

left: pecatu beach / right: balinese offerings

my friend's wedding at conrad bali

monkey forest, ubud

left: the view behind pundi-pundi / right: abing terrace swimming pool

as promised, here are some sneak peaks of my diana mini shots from my trip in bali. can i just say bali is just such an amazing place to be! i haven't gone in over 10 years and this trip makes me fall in love again with my home country indonesia. some highlights:

nammos karma kandara is just beautiful. bali's version of santorini!

♥ saw calon arang, a traditional balinese ceremony at one of the local temples near ubud. the bit with the trance was a little creepy, but it was all very very interesting. it was a non commercial sacred ceremony and very original, so i'm glad i had a chance to see this.

♥ my friend's wedding, it was a lovely day. we went to get martini cocktails after the wedding and the bartender made them super strong. i remember we were talking about some really funny stuff, but now i couldn't really recall what we talked about exactly...

♥ awesome lounge bar potato head. cocktails and outdoor bed seats and swimming pool by the beach. all ticked.

♥ food food food! top list noms incudes cafe menega jimbaran, bali nikmat, pundi-pundi, cafe wayan.

♥ i saw fireflies for the first time, and we caught one! was near our hotel abing terrace resort. you should stay there if you're planning to go to ubud. it's a beautiful place, they're the nicest people and i know you'll be well looked after. good times!

♥ waking up early to walk along the rice terraces behind the hotel. it was so so beautiful.

♥ tried balinese traditional alcoholic drinks arak and tuak for the first time. eh... i'm not a big fan of them.

♥ happy hour at the jazz bar laughing buddha bar. mojito after mojito after mojito...

ok that's a pretty long list, i'm sorry if i bore you! long story short, bali trip was so much fun and full of cultural experiences, food and drinks, and hanging out in the sun. more photos to come on the next few posts. have you been to bali?

camera: diana mini / film: fujicolor superia 200 / more photos on my flickr


@thereformedwanderer - no, this is rice terraces in ubud, bali, indonesia. oh by the way on the previous guest post that liss wrote about the photographer lukasz wierzbowski, i just wanted to clarify that all those photos are his, not mine. i just want to avoid some misunderstanding :)

@much love - i'm looking forward to hear your stories when you come back!

@cassandra marie - ohhh there are a few people already mentioned to me about that movie 'the fall', i really have to look it up!

@ChYmEc!nDy** - that's right that was from bali :)

@vivi - of course you can contact me via email, please do anytime! it's :)

@marinka - just want to clarify as well that the photos from amanda's guest post 'inspiring home' aren't my photos :)


  1. These are lovely, I love wedding photos with film cameras and your trip sounds amazing!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Bali! Your photos are beautiful--and I didn't realize fuji 200 would have such vivid colors.

  3. SUCH beautiful photos! thanks for sharing.

  4. WOW! Those look amazing! What kind of film did you use? xxx

  5. Laura that is so exciting!! I am so glad you like Bali. It's so nice to see the pictures of my home town on another blog. :)

    I love Menega, Dreamland, Ubud (I live just across the river from Maya resort if you know where that is), and you make it look so much better. You know I was actually saying to someone how I have fallen a little out of love with Bali because of how commercial it has become but it seems you have captured the spirit of the true Bali. A little bit fun, a little bit spiritual, a little bit crazy, and bright colours everywhere.

  6. I loved reading your list, you have really changed my mind about going to Bali. I never realy wanted to go cause it seemed touristy. but you have showed me a completely different side of it.


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