A Few Film Gems

Few things are better than receiving a recommendation for a good film, so I thought I would conclude my guest posting stint on See Hear Say with a few tips for some lesser known films that tickle my fancy. I hope that you enjoy them too.*

*I have included a link to each film's trailer or an except to give you a taste.

THE CLASSIC // If you would like to see the world in monochrome

Endearingly heartwarming and deliciously hilarious, The Apartment (1960) is a film that has truly stood the test of time. Shirley MacClaine’s character captures the essence of being a single working woman better than any of the Sex and the City girls ever could, and the film may even make you a little doe-eyed for Jack Lemmon. Just you wait and see.

THE COMEDY // If you need a giggle

Bedrooms and Hallways (1998) is a little known British comedy that takes an alternative perspective on the battle of the sexes. Exploring gender, sexuality, lust, love and the fraught world of dating, this film has some top-notch one liners and delightful misunderstandings. I promise that it will pick you up after a bad day.

THE DOCUMENTARY // If you would like a little education from your viewing material

I assume that if you’re reading this blog then you’re obviously interested in art, and there are few more intriguing subjects than Herb and Dorothy Vogel. This fascinating documentary charts this married couple's early foray into art collecting in New York City and how they managed to amass one of the biggest independent minimalist art collections in the world. The story of Herb and Dorothy (2008) is both inspiring and lovely.

THE FOREIGN FILM // If you’re in the mood for sexy accents and subtitles

Last year Laura posted a mini review on Christophe HonorĂ©’s La Belle Personne and, as he is one of my favourite filmmakers, I thought that I would also recommend his first feature, Dans Paris (2006). At times confronting, the film deals with love, sex and depression against the backdrop of Paris at Christmas time. Its beautifully made, superbly acted and a film that every cinĂ©phile should see.

THE INDIE FLICK // If you’re after something left of centre

With an excellent ensemble cast of on-screen and off-screen friends, The Anniversary Party (2001) is one of the best indie films that came out of the early noughties. Set in a beautiful LA home of a couple celebrating their sixth anniversary, the film zeros in on the individual narratives of the couple, as well as their party guests. Featuring a brilliant soundtrack, The Anniversary Party meditates on joy and connection, pathos and alienation.

Please feel free to leave a comment with your own film recommendations. A big thank you to Laura for inviting me to be a part of her little space on the web for this past week!


  1. Great list! The Apartment is still one of my all time favorites.

  2. herb and dorothy is like my favorite documentary of all time. they sleep on like millions of dollars worth of art! they are so cool.

  3. I love The Apartment and The Anniversary Party... I'll need to get a hold of the others soon because they look fantastic.

  4. Nice recommendations ... I must see 'Herb and Dorothy' and 'The Anniversary Party'! :)

  5. Dans Paris sounds good, I'll definitely give it a watch! x

  6. Fantastic list! I will definitely follow up on this.

  7. Looking forward to checking these out. I loved "The Apartment" and the rest you listed look good.


  8. This is exactly what I needed to read. Last night, me and my boyfriend were slipping through net flicks, and trying to discover a movie. After one hour, we gave up. So many movies, it's overwhelming. I love watching unknown could-be classics.

    Love your blog, So beautiful really!

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  9. This is a great post! I love suggestions of films. I really want to see Herb and Dorothy.. I keep hearing good things about it. So sweet.

  10. I just 'discovered' your blog and I'm really digging this list... I'm going to bring it with me next time I'm at a decent video shop! Great photos on your site too!
    - Catherine at The Spring (in Brisbane)

  11. the apartment is one of my favourites!


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