oh land

see / listen: white nights by oh land.

cute music, cute dancing, cute video clip. dreamy and cheerful. i also love her other song rainbow.

i have been super busy at work that it doesn't really feel i've just come back from holiday :( what music on your playlist lately? i need new music to keep me companied at work and make the days go easier. 


thank you all so much again for your nice comments, just wanted to let you know that most of the photos at the rice fields on my previous post was taken by a friend of mine tiara using my diana mini camera. it's a great little toy so if you're into lomo you should get it :)

@amberlee: i agree, i have to say ubud is special and different to any other places that i've been before.

@fransisca angela: oh hello fellow indonesian! your home country is my home country too :) glad you enjoy my bali photos, thanks for your nice words!

@marinka: you know what, i haven't actually watched or read eat pray love! i just didn't hear good review about it... but i'm quite curious to see the movie now just to see how they captured bali, so i will eventually get to watch it!

@carys: haha.. sadly holiday is over now. i'm always jealous too when i hear someone else is having a holiday!

@hila: thanks hila! oh i know what you mean, i have been busy myself since i came back, sigh. i still haven't had a chance to catch up with all the blog posts in my reader since, too many that i can't really keep up :(

@janis: don't give up and keep experimenting with your diana. i have lots of shots that i don't like, but i learnt now that with diana mini you just need lots and lots of lights unless you're using the flash. would love to see your diana shots, give me link? good luck!

@make it easy:  you should come visit bali! but you're lucky to live in hawaii, i would loooovvee to go there for a holiday!

@elegant storm: thanks so much :) like i've mentioned to janis before, there's no particular secret with diana mini really other than just to keep experimenting. the shots from the rice fields on my previous post was taken by a friend of mine and that was the first time she used the camera. i think what i can say is, the more lights the better your photos are going to be.


  1. I discovered Oh Land a few months ago and love her! I had not seen this video, though. Rainbow is one of my favorites too :)

  2. Oh I love Oh Land! I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

  3. i love her!!

    i also just saw a peter bjorn and john show and so i'm falling back in love with them. i think their newest album is fantastic.

  4. I've been listening to crowded house and classical music. I'm basically just a big nerd, my taste in music is not to be trusted :) Sorry to hear about all the work stress.

  5. Great song and what a cute clip! :)
    I've been listening to lots of Gotye lately ... and all sorts of other random things.

    I hope work calms down for you soon.

  6. I always love being introduced to new artists and this was fabulous.

    How much fun must everyone have had creating the film clip?

    Happy day Lovely,

  7. it is so nice... really! I love it...


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