2011 has been an incredibly quick year for me but it wasn't a bad year at all. here are some of my highlights:

▲ we held our very first ever guerrilla street exhibition sparkmylane

▲ my holiday in asia. it was a nice little adventure in jakarta, bali, vietnam and malaysia.

 fell in love with graffiti street art - enjoying very much my visit to dunlop factory and of course the outpost project.

 i've got my teeth cleaned! it has been more than 5 years since the last time i went to dentist before then and my teeth has never felt cleaner.

 volunteering at buddy walk to support down syndrome awareness. it was a nice day walking over sydney harbour bridge and it felt great to do something for a difference.

 my diana mini shots from ubud got published on lomography site.

 we bought a townhouse and moving there early next year! it would be exhausting, but i'm also very excited about renovating and redecorating the new place.

▲ for the first time we've got people coming over for christmas lunch at our current apartment. we're that bad, we've been living here for 3 years and we've never had any housewarming, dinner parties or anything alike. so that was a combined of belated housewarming, christmas as well as a farewell do hahaha... 

 a year with lots of wins! the elements of in-between written by hila and illustrated by amy, devon smith's print from tornadoes and tiger giveaway, the design files 2012 calendar from giveaway at daydream lily, bakematic tea towel by howkapow. i'm a happy kid.

 started photo chain project three kittens with jo and charlotte

thank you all for 2011. what's everyone doing on the new year's eve?

music: good sleep by i am robot and proud *via make it easy* / photo: by hui+

♥ drinking... my fave tea at the moment red green and dreamy from T2

♥ listening... soul christmas tunes at designers.mx

♥ going... to sun bake at the beach. i hope the sun stays out!

♥ watching... a selby film on christine sun kim, a deft sound artist. very inspiring.

♥ loving... the givebox in düsseldorf posted by my friend charlotte! this is such a brilliant idea and we should have something like this in sydney.

♥ reading... the essential guide to decorating by vinny lee. i've never thought i would need this book but it's actually very handy to have when you're renovating.

i wish you all a very merry christmas! happy holidays!

camera: 450 D / photo from outpost project at cockatoo island

some digital shots from outpost project, street art exhibition in cockatoo island that ended earlier this month. one of the best exhibitions i've ever been and i hope they'll have it again next year.

camera: canon 450D / more on flickr
spotted some nice street art in kuala lumpur.

petronas twin tower, kuala lumpur.

some low clouds at genting.

one cloudless morning in genting, this is the view from our window.

holiday officially starts TODAY! it's unbelievably so close to christmas now. i'm quite determined to upload all photos i've taken this year before the year actually ends, so excuse myself i'm going to bombard you with my own photos for the next few posts! i don't have that many, i promise :) 

my south asian trip few months back to indonesia and vietnam ended in malaysia, above are a few selected photos that i haven't had a chance to sorted.

camera: 450D / edited with julia trotti curves

buy: some apparels both for ladies and gentlemen at someplace.

they're based in australia and they currently have 2 stores, in surry hills (sydney) and melbourne. they also have an art gallery and print publication

+++ on a side note +++

one week to christmas and i'm counting down. i can not wait for my holiday even though i'm not going anywhere. what are your plans, anyone going away?
tis that time of the year again... i can't believe that christmas is coming in less than 10 days! how are you going with your christmas shopping? here are some brown paper tutorials and packaging for your gift wrapping ideas. have a nice weekend!

this is actually a tutorial to make gingerbread cookie favour by project wedding but i think these little gifts definitely apply as christmas gifts too, no? 

brown paper packaging by one fine dae

brown paper bag gift wrapping tutorial by the party studio

hear: me in you by kings of convenience.

their latest music video!! eirik and erlend, why you guys no come to australia? :(

i'm really looking forward to see erlend plays with his other band the whitest boy alive for sydney festival 2012 though.

and by the way, does anyone know where is this video shot? such a pretty place.

buy: the morran book project by camilla engman, who lives and works at gothenburg, sweden.

i don't know if any of you have been a follower of camilla's blog like me? we're sorry to hear that camilla recently had to say goodbye to her beloved little furry friend, morran :( morran is close to our hearts, she's just like a friend to all of us bloggers around the world. camilla's latest project is one book dedicated to morran, full of illustrations made by morran's fans and all profits go to WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals). 

first photo by camilla engman, the rest are illustrations from the morran book project by various artists.

see: little printer and pre-order for 2012!

basically you set up your subscriptions to news, puzzles, updates from friends on an app in your smartphone. then this little guy will gather them together to create a timely cute mini-newspaper for you. cutest gadget ever.

*via calebo*

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