few days in malaysia

spotted some nice street art in kuala lumpur.

petronas twin tower, kuala lumpur.

some low clouds at genting.

one cloudless morning in genting, this is the view from our window.

holiday officially starts TODAY! it's unbelievably so close to christmas now. i'm quite determined to upload all photos i've taken this year before the year actually ends, so excuse myself i'm going to bombard you with my own photos for the next few posts! i don't have that many, i promise :) 

my south asian trip few months back to indonesia and vietnam ended in malaysia, above are a few selected photos that i haven't had a chance to sorted.

camera: 450D / edited with julia trotti curves


@amanda hill: thanks so much, welcome to my blog :)

@hila: writing retreat / holiday sounds great! all the best with everything and have a great time hila!

@tracey: same here, trying to save money and not going anywhere. hope it would be nice and relaxing though, and i hope sydney weather will behave nicely! happy holidays tracey!

@jodeska: i don't know what to say... see you when you get back!


  1. Great pictures! i'm happy to see more :)

  2. These are beautiful.
    Laura, merry christmas and happy holiday! :)

  3. Love these! The one of the twin towers is my favorite!!

  4. oh it's my country! :D
    these are wonderful!



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