brown paper gift wrapping

tis that time of the year again... i can't believe that christmas is coming in less than 10 days! how are you going with your christmas shopping? here are some brown paper tutorials and packaging for your gift wrapping ideas. have a nice weekend!

this is actually a tutorial to make gingerbread cookie favour by project wedding but i think these little gifts definitely apply as christmas gifts too, no? 

brown paper packaging by one fine dae

brown paper bag gift wrapping tutorial by the party studio


@jodeska @hila: you guys and your little dirty minds! hahahaha... lovely thoughts guys :D

@danica: i saw them too few years back, i can't wait to see them again!

@sarah @adeline: ahhh such a lovely place i want to go there! have you guys been?

@isa: and if it's eirik's roof top house i would definitely love to go visit him :)


  1. i love brown bagging it at christmas!

  2. brown kraft bags/paper will never go out of style imo. it's so timeless. thank you for including my packaging on your lovely blog, laura! i really appreciate it. =)

  3. Love it! With a nice tag and a nice string. I have the feeling that I have a very similar looking grey and white string that I bought in a shop in Surry Hills... a long time ago...

  4. Love these gorgeous wrapping ideas! I'm inspired to do the DIY cut out like #3 - so lovely! xx

  5. You have inspired to wrap in brown paper!!

  6. I have such a love for brown paper! I love writing on brown paper and love gift wrapping in brown paper even better.


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