this year has been...

2011 has been an incredibly quick year for me but it wasn't a bad year at all. here are some of my highlights:

▲ we held our very first ever guerrilla street exhibition sparkmylane

▲ my holiday in asia. it was a nice little adventure in jakarta, bali, vietnam and malaysia.

 fell in love with graffiti street art - enjoying very much my visit to dunlop factory and of course the outpost project.

 i've got my teeth cleaned! it has been more than 5 years since the last time i went to dentist before then and my teeth has never felt cleaner.

 volunteering at buddy walk to support down syndrome awareness. it was a nice day walking over sydney harbour bridge and it felt great to do something for a difference.

 my diana mini shots from ubud got published on lomography site.

 we bought a townhouse and moving there early next year! it would be exhausting, but i'm also very excited about renovating and redecorating the new place.

▲ for the first time we've got people coming over for christmas lunch at our current apartment. we're that bad, we've been living here for 3 years and we've never had any housewarming, dinner parties or anything alike. so that was a combined of belated housewarming, christmas as well as a farewell do hahaha... 

 a year with lots of wins! the elements of in-between written by hila and illustrated by amy, devon smith's print from tornadoes and tiger giveaway, the design files 2012 calendar from giveaway at daydream lily, bakematic tea towel by howkapow. i'm a happy kid.

 started photo chain project three kittens with jo and charlotte

thank you all for 2011. what's everyone doing on the new year's eve?

music: good sleep by i am robot and proud *via make it easy* / photo: by hui+


  1. I'm putting my list up tonight for my highlights!

  2. wishing you a wonderful new year laura!
    big hugs laura!

  3. How wonderful - it certainly sounds like a great year for you! ... and how exciting to be moving in the new year!!

    I'm not sure what I'll be doing for NYE yet, though I do tend to keep things quiet and low-key.

  4. Thanks for sharing, love this tune!
    What a great list. I find it so hard summing up the year...

  5. Ohh looks like 2011 was a fantastic year for you. I got my teeth cleaned a few weeks ago, and it felt great. :] Happy New Year!

  6. i have won quite a number of giveaways too but i never received the gifts and this makes me sad! :(

    cant wait to see your new place xxx

  7. I'm very glad you have a wonderful year! Reading this give me a happy feeling and my favorite part from the list is definitely your holiday in Asia.
    I felt the same way as you, 2011 was so quick.


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