just a minute... in december

♥ drinking... my fave tea at the moment red green and dreamy from T2

♥ listening... soul christmas tunes at designers.mx

♥ going... to sun bake at the beach. i hope the sun stays out!

♥ watching... a selby film on christine sun kim, a deft sound artist. very inspiring.

♥ loving... the givebox in düsseldorf posted by my friend charlotte! this is such a brilliant idea and we should have something like this in sydney.

♥ reading... the essential guide to decorating by vinny lee. i've never thought i would need this book but it's actually very handy to have when you're renovating.

i wish you all a very merry christmas! happy holidays!

camera: 450 D / photo from outpost project at cockatoo island


  1. lovely list!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

  2. Great list, merry merry christmas!

  3. Cool! Wishin' you happy holidays! Glad to take some notes for this season activities too. :D

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  4. They all sound like wonderful things ... oh and I love T2 teas too!

    PS. Merry Christmas and very happy holidays!! xx

  5. cute photo and nice links! i hope you had a great holiday!


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