see: breath taking moving images by jamie beck, a photographer based in new york.
updated: jamie's photo blog is just full of insanely gorgeous fashion shots from various occasions. but there's more to that, the moving images she created together with her fiance kevin burg are just magical. the finest animated gifs i've ever seen in my life! *via my new blog discovery over and under*

on a side note, for those of you who are in australia, did you watch go back to where you came from at SBS? what do you think of it? refugees and asylum seekers are such a complex issue, it's heart breaking and upsetting yet there is no easy answers to this. if you haven't watched it, i recommend you to catch up online, it's such a big eye opener to the world.

see: artworks by louis reith based in amsterdam.

i'm quite into lines and shapes these days, especially triangles.

not too late for music monday am i? this is one song that's stuck in my head lately. i need new music, what have you been listening to?

hear: babe by sean nicholas savage

kiko plays as midori at norwegian wood and i just couldn't take my eyes off her, she's so pretty! this gorgeous girl's background is half korean half american, she is probably the most talked about model and actress in japan currently. she starts being recognised around the world now and i think she'll make it big. love!

see: norwegian wood based on haruki murakami's book.

haven't read the book nor i knew anything about the story, i went to see the movie without any expectations. and now that i've watched it, i have a mix feeling about the movie.. 

i thought everything was beautifully shot and i love the cast. the japanese scenery is just gorgeous and i love the outfits from the 1960s settings too. however i found myself feeling upset about both the story and the characters.. i'm still keen on reading the book though, as there might be some backgrounds that might haven't got covered in the movie.

if you have read the book or seen the movie, i would love to know what you think. if you're reading this hila, i would really love to hear what you think too once you've seen this!

*screenshots from different sources i found on google images*

just a few shots from the city as the day started to get dark. this would be the last series of photos from my trip to melbourne, i promise!

i will now leave you with this new gorgeous play melbourne tv comercial. i love the concept, i love the music, love everything about it. whichever agency created this, my praise goes to you guys! beautiful piece of work!

i hope i'm not boring you with my photos? melbourne is just such a beautiful city that i kept taking pictures! these ones were taken at fitzroy as we strolled across lots and lots of quirky little shops and cafes and street art.

we had a nice lunch at little creatures dining hall at fitzroy. i have to say, i don't drink beer and neither i am a big drinker. i ordered a refreshing apple cider instead and it comes in this tiny beer glass, which is just the perfect size for me! their food is also delightful, i love this place! 

more pictures from fitzroy on my next post. hope you're all enjoying your weekend so far, it's such a lovely weather here in sydney.

royal exhibition building

carlton gardens

melbourne trams

melbourne reminds me of europe. the heritage buildings and the parks and the trams.

the second round is pictures from queen victoria market. food heaven, i just wanted to stay there and eat everything.

btw thank you all for the new sites and music suggestions! loving to get to know a little more about you too. if you still want to play along, which i hope you do, please see and comment on this post.

national gallery of victoria (ngv)

i like the wall reflections at ngv

retro chairs at ngv

left: ngv hallway / right: paper dress at ACMI shop, federation square

federation square

this week i'll be sharing photos from melbourne trip that i've only had a chance to sort out, i hope you don't mine. ahhh.. melbourne, so many lines and shapes.

see: simply breakfast by jennifer causey, currently residing in brooklyn, new york. not new but still a favourite.

on a side note, i'd like to follow amanda's step with the little survey she hosted on her blog. my readers have grown since my giveaway post last year (thank you all for reading!) and i'd really love to get to know all of you better. so why don't we all introduce ourselves again, shall we? i'll start first, you can then copy paste these into the comment form, take out my answers and put yours in. 

how old are you?
28. eek.

sydney, australia but originally from jakarta.

favourite sites, blogs and shops?
a lot (see links on my sidebar!) but this time around i would like to give a shout out to these blogs: life in the slow line for awesome inspiring findings, le project d'amour for delightful beautiful readings. and for online shop: good old asos, love their free shipping worldwide.

in your current music playlist?

what's your usual weekend like?
most probably eating out, or sometimes movies. and the rest is just the usual boring house work... and of course going online. i'd like to make more stuff but a lot of times laziness just gets motivation out of the way. sigh.

your turn! hope to hear from you, have a fab weekend!
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