melbourne #6

just a few shots from the city as the day started to get dark. this would be the last series of photos from my trip to melbourne, i promise!

i will now leave you with this new gorgeous play melbourne tv comercial. i love the concept, i love the music, love everything about it. whichever agency created this, my praise goes to you guys! beautiful piece of work!


@jodeska: i want ciders too! you just remind me, you need to tell me the brand of the cider that we had at your place. so yummy!

@morenica: yep, i love places with high ceilings too!

@chapoul: oh, you should definitely start the project in oslo for sure!! i feel like hooking you up with adeline from lady croisant to start it! i think you two should meet each other and do a project in oslo?

@amanda jane @thea: thank you so much, you're all so sweet!

@vintageveggie: and even better i think these ones i saw in melbourne were knitted doilies :)


  1. i am actually really enjoying your melbourne series :) i think i just like anything travel related, always makes me feel excited and happy!

  2. lovely blog ; )


  3. Publicis Mojo!

    Damn- I wish we could go to Melbourne together, it would be our kind of city!

  4. ah that video is so great! i love melbs.

  5. Great ad. I loved the one with the yarn of wool down the laneways =)


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