louis reth

see: artworks by louis reith based in amsterdam.

i'm quite into lines and shapes these days, especially triangles.

not too late for music monday am i? this is one song that's stuck in my head lately. i need new music, what have you been listening to?

hear: babe by sean nicholas savage


@ducks like tea: i've not heard of her either before norwegian wood to be honest with you! but i think she'll make it big internationally really soon!

@jodeska: she is a vivi model! although i didn't know what vivi was before i watched norwegian wood...

@hila: isn't she just such a doll, i feel grumpy too hahahah


  1. I love the idea of a mountain made out of maps.

  2. hmm.. i'm going through the same phase right now. All i see are lines and patterns.

  3. Love the "graphics" of the art, Thanks for the inspiration.I have been seeing a lot of Amsterdam lately.


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