norwegian wood

see: norwegian wood based on haruki murakami's book.

haven't read the book nor i knew anything about the story, i went to see the movie without any expectations. and now that i've watched it, i have a mix feeling about the movie.. 

i thought everything was beautifully shot and i love the cast. the japanese scenery is just gorgeous and i love the outfits from the 1960s settings too. however i found myself feeling upset about both the story and the characters.. i'm still keen on reading the book though, as there might be some backgrounds that might haven't got covered in the movie.

if you have read the book or seen the movie, i would love to know what you think. if you're reading this hila, i would really love to hear what you think too once you've seen this!

*screenshots from different sources i found on google images*


@the notebook doodles: thanks so much!! i love travel photos too, good enough until i actually have the chance to go for the actual visits :)

@alexandra grecco: merci!

@jodeska: oh is it publicis mojo? awesome work from them! i wish so too. i want to visit perth too, maybe if you're coming back earlier this year?

@amy w: ghostpatrol, of course! that's why i feel those works look familiar :)


  1. The book is beautiful, up there with one of my favourite books. and these pics look just like how I pictured the story when reading it.

    ahh I hope I get to watch it.

  2. waaaaaaa pengen nonton!!!!! bukunya luarbiasa bagus La...i'm choking just by reading the words T-T
    asli mengaduk-aduk perasaan. Just one book and Murakami became my hero instantly :)

  3. i have to get my hands on this :) thanks for sharing!

  4. hey laura, I haven't seen it yet, but I plan to, so as soon as I do, I'll let you know :) hmm, sounds like you had mixed feelings about it, it'll be interesting to finally watch it.

  5. Sounds amazing! I loved the pictures!
    Have a perfect day!

  6. I've read the book twice, it's really good!
    I think I have to see the movie as well... if it's just half as good as the book, it'll be worth it.

  7. i want to see norwegian wood, its on my extensive list of films to watch ~ i just love the look of it :)

  8. i read the book many moons ago and i can remember liking it, but none of the actual details of the novel. i definitely want to check out the film if it comes to perth.

  9. how beautiful!!!

  10. I still have so many books to read but I'll take a note of this novel.
    By the way ¨Norwegian Wood¨ is one of my favourite Beatles Song. I knew this song since I was really small and loved it already. The guitar is ear-pleasing :)

  11. i love the book so much! it's beautifully and soulfully crafted. however, the film didn't match the awesomeness of the book.

  12. I'd read the book prior to seeing the movie. And I had just finished it a few days before going to the cinema so I was still very much "in" the story when I saw it.

    There was just something off. Yes, it was good and yes, it was beautiful, but there was something missing and I felt that the focus had shifted somewhat. It's just hard to put your finger on it, but something subtle had changed that changed the entire essence.

    On top of that, Reiko's storyline was cut out. And most characters looked different than they were discribed in the book. I know they're allowed to change things, but to do that in a story that is very visual is just a waste.

    I did kinda like it though. Yeah, mixed feelings;)

  13. hello :)
    I haven't seen the film, but I quite want to. It looks beautifully shot. I've read Norwegian Wood a couple of times (it was the first Murakami book I read) and highly recommend it. It has an odd calmness to it. By the sounds of it it looks like they have cut out some of the background subplots...I'm kind of intrigued about how the film compares, though. :)

  14. this movie was a bit heavy for me to watch. haha yet beautiful none the less :-)

  15. Book far outweighed the film for me. Film was visually stunning but lacked the impact of the characters in the book and became a bit too heavy for me as well.


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