so it is the end of the year, and here are my highlights of the year 2010 (not in particular order):

1. got my driving licence, yay!

2. took a photography course. and took more photos, i think.

3. more than 80 people hit the favourite star on my flickr (this photo), thank you so much!!

4. bought my first lomo camera (oh hello diana mini!) - thanks sundari from intimate vignettes for all your insights about lomography and lending me your fisheye too!

5. bloggers meet up in sydney - so nice to catch up with liss from daydream lily and amanda from here comes the sun in person.

6. running creative project blog sparkapolooza with my friend jodeska and we actually made some progress. do visit and show some love!

7. running my other blog how's your weekend, although i've decided to close it soon...

8. got my first blog interview published on it's geekchic.

9. rediscovered the love of reading books eventhough i'm a super slow reader.

10. watched a musical play for the first time and surprisingly really enjoyed it.

11. upgraded my gadgets to apple products, i am now a proud owner of a macbook pro and an iphone. is it wrong that i got excited with this kind of thing?

12. visit the most beautiful (and the whitest) beach i've ever seen in my life whitehaven beach.

13. baked cookies for the first time. yes, i did have someone helping heheheh.. you know who you are!

what are your highlights? would love to hear from you. also check out 2010 lovely hihglights from here comes the sun and jodeska. hope you all have had a gorgeous christmas, enjoy the rest of the holiday and see you all soon!

*photo by ann h*

see: lilacmoon studio's cute little knicks knacks. the artist behind this is jinnie lee, based in san francisco. loving her little paper christmas trees and the poladoodles 2011 calendar, which you can cut out and you'll get polaroid prints that are the same size as the original polaroid spectras.

i think i'll have another post to wrap up before the end of the year so i'll see you in a bit. i wish you all a wonderful christmas, enjoy your holiday!

see: photographs by johanna wallin, based in sweden. love love love all the natural lights and soft colours. saying hello to monday and counting down to christmas... i hope you're all doing well and rocking it just fine this coming up holiday season, friends!

*music monday*
hear: rock it by little red

see: vintage french chic knicks-knacks at teaspoon vintage, based in singapore. oh those little things to add to your space that can make you happy.

it's getting closer and closer to christmas... what's your plan for the holiday? i'm just relaxing and staying locally here in sydney. hoping the weather would be a little nicer to us then.

get: free download holiday tags from amy moss' super pretty blog eat drink chic. such a gorgeous blog full of ideas and freebies, love love love!! 

p.s. have you seen my christmas wish list over here comes the sun? there are also some other bloggers sharing their wish list and experiences that they're looking forward to having, so do stop by there and say hello :)

what about you, what's in your wish list?

see: mini planners moleskine movie. has anyone seen this video yet? it's ah-ma-zing!!! and yes, i think the mini moleskine would make a perfect gift for christmas too. *via pages digital*
vicki dvorak



lauren withrow

join: flickr faves friday meme started by amanda from here comes the sun. this is the second batch i'm posting. today's pick is inspired by christmas. oh how i wish i'm having a white christmas this year... anyway, happy friday!

lovely danica from oh, hello there has tagged me on this "i love your blog" prize, thanks danica! i'm pretty bad at stuff like this but i'll try my best...

the rules of the prize are:
- do an entry with the prize.
- answer the questions.
- give the prize to 10 blogs.

1. why did you create the blog?

at the beginning i was just collecting nice links. then the blogland has expanded so much and i thought it would be nice to share my "online library" with others who have similar interests and it becomes kind of an addiction to be a part of this community within the internet space.

2. what kind of blogs do you follow?

couldn't have agreed more than how danica has answered this question so i'm gonna have to re-quote this from her: "i follow blogs that have an original voice and beautiful aesthetic. i tend to follow people who allow their personality to come through in their posts, who offer their own perspective and have a great sense of style."

3. favorite makeup brand?

eh... i don't really wear much makeup unless i need to, i tend to go bare face unless i'm going to special occasions. so i don't think i have anything to share here.

4. favorite clothing brand?

i love zara and pretty excited about their coming to australia.

5. your indispensable makeup product:

lucas papaw lipbalm. this one is always with me everywhere i go.

6. your favorite color:

black and white.

7. your perfume:

currently marc jacobs daisy and i have miss dior chérie l'eau in my wishlist.

8. your favorite film:

i like french movies though i don't watch them as much as i wanted to. i like amélie, hors de prix, le belle personne. and based on people's comments on my post here i'd really love to see more of christohphe honoré's. and other than french... too many to mention everything but my all time faves are 500 days of summer, an education, lars and the real girl, up and wall-e.

9. what country would you like to visit and why?

too hard to say if it's just one country so i'm gonna have to mention a few here that i haven't been and would really like to see: greece (would really love to see santorini!), czech republic (heard all the good things about this country and i haven't been to the eastern european countries apart from austria) and japan (for their amazing culture and cuisines).

10. make the last question and answer to yourself: something you can't live without?

internet! i earn a living from the internet (i work in online industry), i use internet for my errands such as paying bills etc, i keep in touch with family and friends via internet, and also use it in my leisure time for blogging and browsing! i even sometimes think it becomes a little bit too addictive and unhealthy...

and the 10 blogs i give the prize to: (in no particular order)

*photo by nikolinelr*

see: spaces by frankie magazine. yes, i know, i know, everyone has been posting about this pretty book and all of its awesomeness and you're probably thinking 'oh, not again'... but what about a chance to win this book for free this christmas? there's a giveaway that we're hosting at sparkapolooza! so hurry up, what are you waiting for? :)
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