teaspoon vintage

see: vintage french chic knicks-knacks at teaspoon vintage, based in singapore. oh those little things to add to your space that can make you happy.

it's getting closer and closer to christmas... what's your plan for the holiday? i'm just relaxing and staying locally here in sydney. hoping the weather would be a little nicer to us then.


  1. These are gorgeous. I'm not doing much, just going to spend the next few days on the beach eating ice-creams.

  2. they are super adorable, especially the frames OH and the dessert stand and also the chandelier. So hard to pick!

  3. So sweet. The milk bottles and the home sign are just to die for!

  4. Suchhh gorgeous images!

    I have checked teaspoon vintage and love everything they do!!

    Thanks for sharing

    Char x

  5. Thanks for sharing !!! I love it :)



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