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lovely danica from oh, hello there has tagged me on this "i love your blog" prize, thanks danica! i'm pretty bad at stuff like this but i'll try my best...

the rules of the prize are:
- do an entry with the prize.
- answer the questions.
- give the prize to 10 blogs.

1. why did you create the blog?

at the beginning i was just collecting nice links. then the blogland has expanded so much and i thought it would be nice to share my "online library" with others who have similar interests and it becomes kind of an addiction to be a part of this community within the internet space.

2. what kind of blogs do you follow?

couldn't have agreed more than how danica has answered this question so i'm gonna have to re-quote this from her: "i follow blogs that have an original voice and beautiful aesthetic. i tend to follow people who allow their personality to come through in their posts, who offer their own perspective and have a great sense of style."

3. favorite makeup brand?

eh... i don't really wear much makeup unless i need to, i tend to go bare face unless i'm going to special occasions. so i don't think i have anything to share here.

4. favorite clothing brand?

i love zara and pretty excited about their coming to australia.

5. your indispensable makeup product:

lucas papaw lipbalm. this one is always with me everywhere i go.

6. your favorite color:

black and white.

7. your perfume:

currently marc jacobs daisy and i have miss dior chérie l'eau in my wishlist.

8. your favorite film:

i like french movies though i don't watch them as much as i wanted to. i like amélie, hors de prix, le belle personne. and based on people's comments on my post here i'd really love to see more of christohphe honoré's. and other than french... too many to mention everything but my all time faves are 500 days of summer, an education, lars and the real girl, up and wall-e.

9. what country would you like to visit and why?

too hard to say if it's just one country so i'm gonna have to mention a few here that i haven't been and would really like to see: greece (would really love to see santorini!), czech republic (heard all the good things about this country and i haven't been to the eastern european countries apart from austria) and japan (for their amazing culture and cuisines).

10. make the last question and answer to yourself: something you can't live without?

internet! i earn a living from the internet (i work in online industry), i use internet for my errands such as paying bills etc, i keep in touch with family and friends via internet, and also use it in my leisure time for blogging and browsing! i even sometimes think it becomes a little bit too addictive and unhealthy...

and the 10 blogs i give the prize to: (in no particular order)

*photo by nikolinelr*


  1. Oh my, thank you so much for the mention!


  2. That's such a beautiful photo. I agree with you about the internet. It's kind of necessary!

  3. Thanks for sharing your favourite blogs. Many are new to me, always a nice treat. Thanks also for your lovely blog. Always a pleasure to lool at.

  4. great answers, laura!

    i think i may have a slight internet addiction too! also, i had no idea that zara was coming to oz. that's really exciting, although it's probably not coming to perth :(

  5. nope not coming to perth danica :(

    those were great answers Laura, I really enjoyed reading that.

  6. @danica and @hila - you should both come visit sydney when they're open! :)

  7. this was lovely to read Laura! I too love lucas PawPaw lipbalm. and I have to watch some of your movie recommendations!

  8. I'm actually coming to Sydney early next year :)

  9. oh thank you so much for tagging me! and sorry that it took me so long to actually read this post (so so behind on blog reading, haha)

    have a great weekend xx

  10. Awh that is oh so lovely! Thanks for the mention Laura :) :) :)

  11. such a beautiful picture.. im in love with forests at the moment, just did a post running around in one hehe

    follow me on


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