this year has been...

so it is the end of the year, and here are my highlights of the year 2010 (not in particular order):

1. got my driving licence, yay!

2. took a photography course. and took more photos, i think.

3. more than 80 people hit the favourite star on my flickr (this photo), thank you so much!!

4. bought my first lomo camera (oh hello diana mini!) - thanks sundari from intimate vignettes for all your insights about lomography and lending me your fisheye too!

5. bloggers meet up in sydney - so nice to catch up with liss from daydream lily and amanda from here comes the sun in person.

6. running creative project blog sparkapolooza with my friend jodeska and we actually made some progress. do visit and show some love!

7. running my other blog how's your weekend, although i've decided to close it soon...

8. got my first blog interview published on it's geekchic.

9. rediscovered the love of reading books eventhough i'm a super slow reader.

10. watched a musical play for the first time and surprisingly really enjoyed it.

11. upgraded my gadgets to apple products, i am now a proud owner of a macbook pro and an iphone. is it wrong that i got excited with this kind of thing?

12. visit the most beautiful (and the whitest) beach i've ever seen in my life whitehaven beach.

13. baked cookies for the first time. yes, i did have someone helping heheheh.. you know who you are!

what are your highlights? would love to hear from you. also check out 2010 lovely hihglights from here comes the sun and jodeska. hope you all have had a gorgeous christmas, enjoy the rest of the holiday and see you all soon!

*photo by ann h*


  1. I literally can't sum up 2010 in one sentence. Hard to believe another year is almost over!

  2. sounds like you've had a wonderful year!

    this year i started living alone for the first time and realized that i totally love it!

  3. This year felt so fast yet I've been thinking back on things that I felt like I did a few years ago which I actually did this year.

    I might do a post similar to this to end off the year.

  4. I'm really glad you've had so much fun and accomplished so many magical things this year!

    May 2011 bring even more joy and fulfillment :)

    Ps.: Please don't close How's Your Weekend. It's a lovely lovely place!

  5. Wow!! tons of highlights for the year 2010!
    I hope this new year comes with such good energy, just like this one.

    Congrats on your license!! I'm hoping to have mine as well soon.
    And I ALSO got very excited to upgrade to a macbook pro.

    Have a wonderful New year!!

    Ps. I'm sort of starting my own blog. You were very much the inspiration for me to start one. It's been a bit slow for me since I'm kind of shy in the writing department. But when i feel it's ready, I'll make sure to stop by and share it with you ;)

  6. This is an inspiring list! I might make one myself. Also, I absolutely love your header.

  7. thanks everyone! hope this year has been a blast for you too!!

    @vivi - ah thanks so much, i'm happy you feel inspired because that's all i want my blog to be for people :) i am a shy person myself but never let that stop you for being creative. good luck with your new blog!

  8. i love your # 9 and 12!!!!

    hmmmm my highlights?..........
    i'de have to think about that. hahaha

  9. wow what a productive year of yours! :D
    Happy upcoming new year Lolaaa mwah! pulang sini tak? :D

  10. Such a sweet year.


  11. I love lists like this! I think I'll go make one x.x.x
    Casie Jean

  12. That's such a lovely list of fantastical achievements ... and you've reminded me of a few things I want to add to next year's 'to do' list.

    I'll have to spend some time reflecting on what I got up to this year before I can compile my 2010 list ... thanks for the push along.

  13. You did a very productive year in twenty-ten! I am jealous :(
    May all of us will have a very greatest year on 2011 :D

  14. Yay for Mac Book Pro's and learning how to drive! I wish I had got my licence this year...

  15. You have such a wonderful and inspirational blog =)

  16. Love Your Blog!! Your list is very impressive!!! Keep doing stuff!!! Following you in Bloglovin :)) FOllow me too if you like! I love photography and will be happy to be in touch with you :))

    Hope to get my driving license this year xoxo




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