mini planners moleskine

see: mini planners moleskine movie. has anyone seen this video yet? it's ah-ma-zing!!! and yes, i think the mini moleskine would make a perfect gift for christmas too. *via pages digital*


  1. going to vimeo to watch it now, for some reason it's not showing here for me..


  2. Pop out animated dinosaur <3 This animation is amazing.

  3. what a cool video! i've always wanted a moleskin, perhaps i'll get one for christmas.

    i've been mia for a little while but wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog a little while back! you asked where my beard was and sadly the answer is, i don't know if i'll ever have one. my father couldn't grow one till he was 26 and i have no signs of one coming anytime soon.

    i've also got some of my own original music up if you'd like to check it out! the link is on my blog. i would love to know what you think!

    hope all is well and love your blog as always.

    -with a beard-

  4. I have one already, Laura :D

  5. omg! thanks so much for sharing, it's such a great vid !

  6. Wow that must have taken ages for them to make, so cool! Moleskines are great. I have about 4 journals filled up now. You can get them cheaper than they sell them in the stores on God I love that site.


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