see: girls raised by wolves, a sweet blog full of eye candy by a girl named lola.

i have been following her blog for a while, since her former name deerlings & ghostthings

thought i picked up some of the pink colour palette photos from lola's blog as my contribution to project pink held by the artsy girl connection for breast cancer awareness. leave me your link if you're colouring your blog pink too for the cause.

see: the house of tif fussell a.k.a. dottie angel.

she's a crafter and a mother and they live in this pretty house they call "the mossy shed" with a lovely caravan at the backyard. more dreamy and whimsical photos over her flickr and also check out this sweet video about tif. oh yes they also have the cutest daschund. be prepared to go ooohh and aaahhh... have a nice weekend!

see: film photography by melanie watkins.

the name sounds familiar to you? yes because i included her in my photoblogs round up earlier this month. i'm so super jealous at her all european trip that and her travel photos on her blog are just insanely gorgeous that i need to have one post about her.

hear: feist's newest album metal

she's coming over for st jerome's laneway festival next year and they really have awesome lineups. having said that... i'm not a very music festival person. yes i admit it, i'm both old and a tight ass. hoping that she will have a sideshow scheduled up in sydney. as soon as anyone hears about this you should let me know, yes?

on a side note, a little something that makes me happy: my recommendation and photos from ubud, bali made it to lomography site :)

see: wood and faulk wooden and leather works by matt, based in portland, oregon, USA.

there's something unique and special about his neat handy works that just struck me as i stumbled across his site. masculine, classy and elegant. 

thank you everyone for your nice comments on my previous post, it means a million! have a lovely weekend!!

vietnam trip day 3 - 6: sapa, which is located in the north west of vietnam, closer to the border with china. absolutely. breath. taking. surrounded by all these mountains and rice paddys make me feel so small. it's been two months since i came back from my trip and i miss my holiday... anyhow, jo is a much better story teller than me, so i'll let you read more about our little adventure in sapa at her blog.

camera: 450D / location: sapa, vietnam / more photos on my flickr

see: illustrations by kristie edmunds, children's book illustrator from the UK.

adorable works and i love the colour palettes too, they all make me happy! have a nice weekend everyone!

see: ballerina project by NYC based photographer dane shitaqi.

quoted from their website: crafted over the span of ten years the ballerina project is not “dance photography” but an etching of a ballerinas heart and emotions. i spent so much time browsing on their site, i was having troubles to pick which ones i wanted to include in my post because every single one of them is just AMAZING. and yes that word was typed in caps.

hear: everything goes my way by metronomy

i love this song so much ever since i heard it from one of the mixes at and discovered today that they have a new video clip for this song. *via this is exactly what it looks like*

it's going to be a busy time this week (and the next couples of weeks actually) at work, please wish me luck! have a great week everyone!

day 1 in hanoi. in between the heat and noise in hanoi busy streets, jo managed to show me around quite a number of places. we went to this nice roof top bar to see the sunset. the sky was pink and lovely.

day 2 we're going for a cruise in halong bay. this is our cute little cabin on the boat. thank goodness for the full air conditioned room, this is where we escaped from the exhaustion of the heat and humidity.

we had a feast all-you-can-eat lunch. and i ate dragon fruit for the first time. surprisingly i didn't mind eating fruit pretty much the whole trip in vietnam (i'm not a big fan of fruit and always too lazy to eat it...)

we visited the floating fishing village in a row boat. it was nice and quiet and relaxing away from city.

we saw cute fish at the village. they're just amazing and look like cartoon film characters. i only got good snap of this fish but jo got a good snap of his friend who's got big eyes and some spikes at his back.

i was trying to take a picture of these tiny little fish but the sun and silhouettes caught my eyes.

they had cooking demonstration where they showed us how to cook vietnamese springrolls, so delicious!!

day 3, still in halong bay. we woke up early and were so ready to join tai chi on the boat top deck but it was cancelled because it was raining really heavy. the storm was quite exciting to see though. the rain stopped later that day and we went to visit this huge cave, except that my camera was running out of battery... so no photos of the cave.

more of my adventure in vietnam with jo to come so i hope you don't mind i'm going to talk about my trip again for a bit more! you can also see more photos from our halong bay trip at jo's blog here and here.

credit to julia trotti's curves, except photo #1 (hanoi) and photo #5 (the fish) are sooc
camera: canon 450D / location: hanoi & halong bay / more photos on my flickr

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