ballerina project

see: ballerina project by NYC based photographer dane shitaqi.

quoted from their website: crafted over the span of ten years the ballerina project is not “dance photography” but an etching of a ballerinas heart and emotions. i spent so much time browsing on their site, i was having troubles to pick which ones i wanted to include in my post because every single one of them is just AMAZING. and yes that word was typed in caps.


@schorlemäedchen @melanie: you're very welcome, both of you girls have such a lovely blog and deserve to be reposted :)

@daydream lily @kristina @pascal @melanie @morenica: thanks for your nice comments on my vietnam photos, they mean so much to me!

@anonymous @arianne: the cruise i took in halong bay is called bhaya cruises and i would highly recommend them. just type them up on google and their site should come up :)

@tiziana: thank you, hope you come and visit my blog again!

@the notebook doodles @koey @floddertje @sharmaine ruth @jennifer @morenica: yay, glad you love this song too!

@jane @danica: thank you! my project is not over yet so yes i do need your good luck wishes :)

@jodeska @adeline: yes i listened to metronomy's latest album. def one of the best this year indeed!

@hila: all the best to you too at work, lovely!


  1. Ho,I'd already seens glimpses of it. Thanks for reminding me of that AMAZING project :)

  2. these are beautiful!

  3. What a great project to start and keep doing for 10 years! They are beautiful!

  4. they are breathtaking aren't they?

  5. Great series. Are these all in New York?

  6. Beautiful, but that first shot is AMAZING!!

  7. thanks for showing this to us! two of my best friends are ballerinas (as a hobby not professional ;) and i think they will absolutely love these. have a great week!

  8. They capture such a romantic elegance, thank you for sharing x

  9. these are breathtaking! :D

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  10. I've loved this project ever since I first stumbled upon it. Stunning photos.

  11. hi hi hi laura!!!
    just sending you some love from Tokyo!
    thanks for all your lovely comments all the time :-)

  12. SO pretty!!! i love the one where shes in the water..stunning! :) kim

  13. Beautiful project and photos, and worthy of capital letters.

  14. hello there, you have alovely eclectic mix in your blog.

    these are beautiful shots and concepts.


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